Feather blades Yellow or Black, is there a difference?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by lgagnon, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. lgagnon

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    After reading a lot of good reviews of Feather blades on this forum, I decided I will give them a try. I ordered a pack of Feather blades in the yellow box. I liked them but I felt they were tugging a little. Recently I ordered a sample pack that included some Feathers in the black and grey box. My question is are they the same? I have the feeling they are less tugging and more comfortable for me. Am I dreaming or what?

    Thanks in advance for you answers
  2. Regan

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    Um i believe that they yellow pack is platinum coated and cost more. (at leas the store I looked at). The black pack i think isn't platinum coated. And as you think they are tugging less it could just be a better match for you face. Some people love the yellow feathers, some people wouldn't use them if you gave them for free.
  3. battle.munky

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    Someone posted a month or so ago about a contact they made with Feather and they said there is no difference between the black/grey and the yellows other than one comes with 5 and one comes with 10 per pack. That's it. Kinda melodramatic and anti-climactic but that is how it is apparently.

    Here, I found it!
  4. Regan

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    That is weird because the yellow ones are more than double the price of the black ones. Figure cheaper in bulk? But two of the blades is less than one of the yellow. And the Black package doesn't state anything about platinum coated.

    But that person got a response saying they are the same. :confused:
  5. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me

    From the ones I have I know the yellow pack is the packaging used in Canada/USA (and maybe other places too) and the black packaging is the way they sell it in Japan. There 'should' be no difference, but then again my black pack comes from Japan...and that is the only packaging for them there.
  6. SmallTank

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    I was told the black pack is newer and yellow is being "phased out"

  7. greenhorn

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    I have both types. The blades look the same. Blue and white wrapper and both blades labled high stainless.
  8. Regan

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  9. battle.munky

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    The link in my original post says it all. There is no difference. That email came from the manufacturer.
  10. brucered

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    i heard they are just different marketing for different countries. blk/silv for N/A and Yell/Red for other or visa versa
  11. mike72

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    I have yellow and blacks and I get a better shave using the blacks.
  12. ntguy

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    YELLOW and BLACK FEATHER are the same. BLACK holds 5 blades per pack and YELLOW 10 blades per pack.
  13. battle.munky

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    Welcome to The Den :D
  14. Honestly, you're talking about razor blades, which have a good name, and are highly publicized, just 'cause someone to use! Feather the blades are very good, but there are also other very best out there in the markets, I'm just not "fashionable", because 'ill-advised, this sorry a bit'....

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