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  1. Just as I was about to give up on the feather, I put one in a 55 SuperSpeed and got a lovely close shave without nicks or slashes. What a difference a day makes. I thought it would work great in my 49 SS but I kept getting involuntary bleedings. The 49 has worked wonderfully in with every other blade but not the feather. This supports acquisition of more razors !!
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    Those feather can be fickle involuntary bleedings maker
    I look forward to SOMEDAY trying a feather again and receiving what you did
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    Sometimes it is simply a slight difference in blade itself. Sadly blades are never 100% the same from batch to batch. That is why you have to keep on testing.

    Plus certain blades like Feather require a little more care and some might argue experience to use to their full potential. So you never know!
  4. JayKay

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    Feathers. Ohhhhhhh fickle feathers. Always BBS, usually with bloodshed.
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    Ok, but I don't want to read about your voluntary bleedings.


  6. rick

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    I thought I sent some in your package.....

    Should have been both platinum and nonPlatinum blades in there.
    Lemme know Tom and if I didnt pack them, I'll send some to you ASAP
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    I have 3 types of Feathers and each and every one shaves differently. However, I noticed that a fresh blades performs much better than a 3-4 shaves old one.

  8. We all have our insecurities ;)

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