Field Trip: Disneyland for Jnat Lovers.

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Steve56, Mar 9, 2020.

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    I just returned last Thursday from a trip to Sonoma to visit my friend Alex Gilmore (The Japan Stone) and see one of the best collections of Japanese natural stones outside of Japan. Some of the stones are truly amazing. Alex is also a font of knowledge regarding the history and usage of these stones.

    I also learned via Alex’s microscope that I should explore improving my stropping, and I have re-kindled my interest in softer stones after having drifted to the hard side over time.

    So here’s some eye candy for the aficionados of jnats, enjoy.

    4F354FC8-B7A5-4489-AD63-2920AF21D55A.jpeg 3DDFE3D2-5C72-44A6-9953-C524EF747E3A.jpeg 2F22F03F-2529-4DE7-8E6F-DD62E6E45FCF.jpeg DFE0086C-D09E-41FB-B120-6DDBBE016039.jpeg 1425ADD7-A99E-4076-A477-2A38905358A6.jpeg
  2. Steve56

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    Here are 5 large suita stones, including a beautiful habutae (center, named after rice cake color kimono silk) and a huge sunashi suita (a suita without su) on the right. And a couple of iromono or multicolored stones.

    AA950009-6B60-4CA0-AD5A-1E22D007272E.jpeg 05B45BA0-30D3-409F-9804-1701230157DA.jpeg 59B0FD12-8719-41EF-B442-69CDD2C9D170.jpeg 92E920BA-3BD6-4D46-B0AB-3DE1B53A47C8.jpeg C9B60DFB-7CEB-45C2-A91F-B9798B0D800B.jpeg
  3. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple of larger stones, a huge 25-pound (or so) karasu, and a nice Nakayama iromono.

    00F9B691-2A36-4498-A328-C705DBB797E4.jpeg 6837D5AE-D739-49E5-BF9B-ACF81A01CB95.jpeg DF14E83B-D188-4137-91F5-4DF0CE30C15B.jpeg 570065B8-0BA8-4A29-B127-A9C6A9CC9EF8.jpeg
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    Here’s my modest take, and a shot of the beautiful California coast at Dillon Beach, across a small bay from Point Reyes.

    409DA9DA-DAE3-4D5C-A4E5-0DE3F612049B.jpeg 19E2CC8A-F4CD-4EEA-889B-52B2BE186010.jpeg E73F6D24-BE15-4458-899D-18D53E458F00.jpeg 1919A3E3-1014-46A0-A046-F434D1E8D268.jpeg 2216D9E1-9D9E-4429-A5F8-0F30910EE6B6.jpeg
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    Really cool!

    Next time you talk, tell him one of your buddies said is that all?
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    I'm just surprised he was able to drag @Steve56 out of his place.
  7. Steve56

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    Bill, actually there are some more, but not a lot more.

    I like to travel, though airplanes are not my favorite mode, especially cattle class.
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    Holy patooties - that’s a lot of stones. :shocked003:

    And, let me just say that if your stropping is in need of improving the rest of us are in trouble. :sick002:
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  10. Steve56

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    Thanks @Karl G - I’m pretty sure it could be better, the problem is to figure out what to do!
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