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    It’s both a semi combo of both the soap & splash. I just copied and pasted from my post on another forum...

    First use of them Fine soap & splash in the Aquamarine motif. Soap actually performed very well and the splash was actually quite good. The splash gives a nice quench/bracing effect with a very good smooth, cooling feel from the menthol. Are they both worth their price? I don’t know to be honest. $16 for a soap at 3.5oz’s (though triple milled Tallow) & a splash that’s nearly $20 is nothing to sneeze at. And arguably there are better performers out there for less $$$. Nonetheless, the soap and splash combo met my expectations in both performance and scent. Scent wise I get a nice light citrus, moss and musk sweetness with a slight marine like undertone. The soap is lighter in scent but, comes through in nice wafts as you lather it on with a nice rich & creamy texture that gives good protection and glide. The splash scent wise, is much more pronounced and pleasing with the scent lasting about 2-3 hours on me. Overall, a really nice package. I’m ok with spending a bit extra on it as the two performed well....


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