First impressions and first shave with Razo Rock S/S Mamba

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bill G, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Bill G

    Bill G Well-Known Member

    I was super surprised at the shave I just got with my new S/S Razo Rock Mamba. The shave was smooth and close with only a two pass shave and some detailed touch up on my harder to shave areas on the neck area. No discomfort with the neck area a big plus for me also the Mamba delivered a very close comfortable shave.

    The Mamba had no issues with 3 to 4 days crowth. It did an excellent job on my upper lip under the noise area. It also did a great job on my chin area no issues here either. The reason I mentioned this is because some or a lot of guys have trouble with a milder razor on the chin area.

    I would say this razor is smooth with very little blade feel but pretty efficient. The fit and finish of this razor was top notch and the cost of the razor is excellent. I don't know how Joe at Italian Barber does it, great job on this razor.

    I am now thinking maybe these milder efficient razor designs may work better for me. Time for sure will tell on this theory..Lol. I also have high hopes for a Timeless Bronze .38 SB razor that I have ordered another milder smooth razor according to the reviews out there.

    Shave was done after a hot shower.

    * Astra SP blade.
    * Proraso White pre shave cream rubbed in thoroughly.
    * Proraso White shave cream in the tube whipped up in a Captains Choice Lather Bowl with a Turtleship 24mm synthetic knot Machine brush.
    * cold water rinse after shave.
    * witch Hazel splash.
    * Finished up with Proraso White post shave balm.

    Happy Shaves to all,
    Bill G
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  2. Pierce13

    Pierce13 New Member

    I love that razor. Never had a bad shave with it yet.
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  3. luv2shave

    luv2shave Member

    I had a morning shave today with the RR Mamba and a GSB on the third shave. Three passes with Godrej lime shave cream creating oodles of lather with the RR butterscotch handle HM badger brush.

    Smooth, zero irritation and very efficient BBS. I achieve the same shave with a much more aggressive Razor the RR Wunderbar in 2.5 passes.

    The Mamba gets a lot of bad rap from many owners. I think YMMV plays a bit role here !

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  4. Bill G

    Bill G Well-Known Member

    That pretty much describes my shave with the Mamba.

    I like many have a more course beard and a sensitive neck area. My beard does grow a little slower than some as most times I shave every other day very seldom every day. Not to offend anyone but I think way to many guys buy into the way more aggressive razor thing a little to much when it may not be needed for a great comfy shave. I know I went down that worm hole my self, great shaves way faster but with more over all chances of irritation, weepers and nicks.

    I am now finding a less aggressive efficient razor and better shaving skills learned over time is giving me a much better smoother more comfortable BBS or darn fine shave with no irritation. This alone makes the shaving experience for me better and that to me is what its all about in this hobby.

    Of course everyone's needs and skin, beard growth and skills are different. So as said on these forums many times your mileage may vary.

    Happy Shaves,
    Bill G

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