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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by rmcintyre84, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Here are my first attempts at repainting the letters on a couple brushes. Not quite the results I hoped for. Here are the before pictures.
    2018-04-17 15.10.41.jpg
    2018-04-17 15.10.20.jpg
    Here's the "after" picture.
    This was my 3rd attempt on the 100 (red bottom). The letters are so shallow that, even when I let the paint dry completely, used tiny craft q-tips, and used minimal remover, I still took paint out of the letters. Suggestions?

    The 200T is better, but still sloppy. Here's a pic of it next to a 100T with its original paint.
    How can I get the same type of detail on mine?
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    I believe the originals were heat-printed...a gold foil that is heat-stamped into the plastic, as Bible stores can do to imprint someone's name on the cover of a Bible. That technique would be impossible for someone to duplicate, so what I would try is (if they make one) a very fine tip gold Sharpie, or ultra-fine tip paint marker. I'd try a Sharpie first; if it doesn't work, cleanup is a snap. The alcohol based ink will creep in nicely and with GENTLE alcohol cleanup, excess will come off with no residue. Then you can seal it with a clear acrylic. Should work...I've resorted to Sharpies where paint won't work. Good tries so far, though!
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    Not saying this always happens, but the round tip of a Q-tip will remove some paint from the stamped part. Also metallic paints tend to be thick and I will add a drop or two of water to the paint on a plastic tray. Being thinner, it will flow into the stamped area easier. I'll even do it a couple of times until I like the way it looks. I usually use coffee filters folded as they kind of remain flat while removing the excess paint and gently wipe it down. And I seal it with clear acrylic to help protect the paint. If you just touch the letters with the tip of the brush, the paint will flow in them without having to brush everything over and will be easier to clean up.
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