Fixing My Double Ring

Discussion in 'Show and tell' started by Jorvaljr, Aug 9, 2021.

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    So I got the head part of a double ring in a trade. It was missing the handle and the bottom knob. The intent was to just add the handle, the knob and call it a day. Lol well it has proved a little more challenging. The threads on the top cap are stripped which sucks because the top cap is engraved with James Sager. I think the engraving looks cool and i would love to keep it and use it. The problem I’m having is that the knob doesnt grab and tighten. I can use teflon tape but that only works a couple of times and then i would have to reapply.
    I started with the first thing which was to glue the handle to the head and it worked. With the teflon the cap and knob mated ok for the first couple of shaves but if you open and close the tape kind of looses its thickness.


    So yesterday at the flea market i was able to find this awesome looking canadian single ring. The handle is split but the rest of it looks great.


    I can take the top cap from the canadian but that would be a shame because the canadian is such a nice looking razor minus the crack and using the cap would mean I also loose the extra special thing about the double ring which is the engraved top cap. Replacing the caps would solve my problem but i hate the idea that the canadian only needs a new barrel to make it whole again. Lol a dilemma for sure but totally unnecessary considering swapping the caps would make a double ring come back to life and I would have a unicorn… even if it is a Frankenstein one . Lol

    * update *
    In my box of parts i found another top cap. This top cap is down to the brass and thicker than the original but I have decided to use this cap instead until I find a solution to fixing the threads.
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    Well, you do what you gotta do. Congrats on the Double Ring. They are nice shavers.
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  3. jaro

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    Some people take a thin piece of wire and put it in the threads of stripped screws to be able to use them again , its similar to using Teflon tape but last longer. Maybe that would work here ??
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  4. Dave in KY

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    Jorge, Could you build it up a little with something like this and retap it ?
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  5. Jorvaljr

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    thank you gents. Ill look onto these 2 solutions
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    The thin wire would be a quick fix and could be removed if needed if you did decide to do something different in the future like Dave and some of the others mentioned.. You could always Use like JB weld also and retap it after you added some to the diameter.. Good luck however you proceed.
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