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    I am looking to sell/trade my rocket collection. I have started acquiring British Aristocrats, and I prefer them to these. I also have a Schick G8 for sale too.

    1.) Flare-tip Rocket - $45 (Trade Pending)
    This rocket looks pretty much brand new. It is very shiny and everything works perfectly. There really is nothing else to say about it...

    2.) Gold Rocket - $35
    This is a gold plated rocket. It has patent pending on the head. It is a great razor that works wonderfully. I only used it a handful of times as I was worried about the gold. The plating on the head is good, but the handle is showing some wear. I would say that the plating is about 65-70% in tact.

    3.) Patent Pending Rocket - $35 (Trade Pending)
    This rocket is in fine working order. The only part of it that is off is that it is dull in color; it has no shine really. Other than that it os mechanically sound. This is my favorite style of rocket, I find it perfect in aggression and weight.

    4.) Schick Injector G8 - $20 (traded)
    This injector is on good working order. It shows a bit of wear, but that's about it. The head is a bit loose when no blade is in it, as the pressure foot (that's what im calling it) doesn't firmly press the bottom of the head against the top...but it is fine when a blade is in it. I have used it several times, so I can promise it shaves fine! This comes with the case and instructions, though the top pf the case comes fully off. (My wife or kids broke it)

    I am also open to trades. I know it may be a longshot, but these are the types of things im looking for:
    - Double Ring (wishful thinking I know)
    - ABC Pocket- (any...plate loss is fine)
    - No. 21 Aristocrat (any condition...just not smashed)
    - No. 16 Aristocrat (any condition)
    - Schick Hydromagic
    - Schick 500
    - Merkur Slant

    Most of the above are dreams, but it doesn't hurt to mention them...also the only one I would like to (kinda) have a case is the ABC pocket. And plate loss is fine on all but the Merkur. If you think you have something I may like let me know! I don't need any soap or cream, I have enough for 10 lifetimes...just the hardware. ;)

    Oh!! All prices include shipping for anywhere in North America. If you are international just let me know and we can work out something reasonable. :)

    Thanks! And of there are any questions, let me know! Cheers!




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