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Discussion in 'Women's Shaving' started by Queen of Blades, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. flyboy718

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    That Lord L6 sure has an attractive price on Amazon for $13 and I see a lot of good comments on here about it and excellent ratings on Amazon but there seems to be a problem with the aluminum threading being stripped after a while....I want to get my wife a good solid not so expensive razor and this would be the one if someone can talk from personal experience here about the threads being stripped?
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    Welcome to TSD Ash! You and you BF sound like you will fit in perfectly.

    BTW, quite an interesting username!
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    In some ways it reminds me of etoyoc's username. ;)
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  4. ohpaos

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    It's my middle name :)

    I was also a bit concerned about reports in the Amazon reviews of threads getting stripped. I still would have purchased another L6, but I wanted a TTO this time around. (I also looked at the Feather Popular, but thought I might be tempted to apply too much pressure d/t its light weight).

    Before giving me the L6, BF had it for a couple of years for occasional travel use, and I had it for 8 months (used every 7-10 days with a new blade for each use). I did put plumber's thread tape over the threads as a kind of preventative, but I can't say whether or not that was helpful. (I keep the thread tape around for keeping bottles of liquids well-sealed for travel &/or shipping.) I'm happy to send you a roll if your wife gets a L6 & wants to try it.
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    Good job ladies! Keep it up the more people buying products the more theyll stock! When i got into this i didnt even consider it from your point of view. So i just asked my mom and she said she used to use my dads DE before he gave it up...and i think ill pick up a soap/cream for my i can use too lol
  6. Ariel

    Ariel New Member

    I haven't gotten a DE yet [Actually using this thread as research :) ] , but I've been using the Bathhouse Caldarium and Soapery's Gun Powder & Lead Shaving Soap for quite awhile. The smell is amazing (so is their Moss and Milk soaps), and after I switched, I had much less irritation from shaving.
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    Hi! Welcome to the Den.
    Be sure to sign up for the December Newbie Give-Away.
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    Welcome to The Shave Den!
  9. Peter Martin

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    This post is very helpful for my wife.
    Great product list!!! I tell her about it.
    Thanks for sharing....
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  10. baldmanwife

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    Have you all ever tried shaving with cryogenically frozen razor blades? I had never heard of them until I got married - my husband shaves a lot (head and face almost every day) and loves them. They last a lot longer (months) than regular blades and are easy on your skin. I used to get horrible razor burn, nicks and cuts on my this almost never happens. Very worth trying and not super expensive. We buy them at I hope this helps!
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  11. soapbuddy

    soapbuddy Mistress of Lather

    Personally I think it's a gimmick. Blades are cheap enough. Why bother? I'll stick with my vintage Lady Gillette and Astra blades or my vintage straights. Neither one needs to be cold tempered.
  12. baldmanwife

    baldmanwife Active Member

    @soapbuddy I totally felt the same before I started using them. They last a really long time, so we feel like it saves us some money...
  13. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    My wife loves her Gillette Starburst razors, and Voskhod blades. She also got into lathering with a badger brush and good rose scented shave soap. No more irritation.
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  14. Amy Warner

    Amy Warner The Warner

    I am new to De shaving. I love my ladies gillette blue starburst. I've never had a shave as smooth as the one I'm getting. As for the soaps and aftershave I haven't found one that I'm completely head over heals in love with but that comes with experience and looking around. Thanks for the tips @Queen of Blades . I'll have to look into what you suggested.
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  15. eastratton

    eastratton New Member

    one of my newest acquisitions a 5/8ths Solingen straight razor has been given to my wife as she showed interest in my straight razors. We both shaved together last night and she spent a while on Ebay looking for more straight razors for herself. Looking forward to sharing my new hobby with her.
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