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Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by coche1, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. coche1

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    Has it ever been discussed to open a forum/sticky thread specifically for The Shave Den Store? I know there is a 'contact us' email link available on the store's webpage, but to me that seems like I'd be bothering JoAnna with my questions without being ready to order anything and I hate to waste her time. IMO it might be helpful to have either a sticky thread somewhere, or else a seperate section of the forum for rolling questions/answers/updates from and about the store. Maybe it would be more hassle than it would be worth, but it seems to me we the users could ask more general questions about the store like if they know when certain items might be coming back into stock or whatever, and other users could see the questions and answers and not have to re-ask the same questions over again.

    Maybe there aren't that many questions asked though, I don't know... Just a thought...
  2. IAmTheJody

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    See the various TSD Store threads, and other vendor threads, in the Vendor's Corner. :)
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    I know JoAnna does her store updates in the Vendor's Corner, as Jody pointed out.

    If you have specific product question, always feel free to start a new thread and ask in the appropriate forum section. JoAnna reads every single post here at the Den, regardless of the thread or forum!
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    Thanks, Jody and Steve!

    Yep, just ask away.

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