Found Old Shaving Sign!

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by Brian R., Apr 12, 2019.

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    @bladeshark is the Everready expert here on the forum. He should be able to give you a firm date based on the pictures and typeset used in the logo.

    Edit: ahh...he's more of a Rubberset guy.

    I did some looking, and that sign probably dates from 1918-1924. Radio blades came out in 1918, and the company logo and the 'shaving man' image puts it in that time frame as well. You could probably narrow it down further by figuring out when that price was common in the UK.
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    @Brian R. This is the first documentation I've found them sold in packs of 12. made Ever Ready blades radio steel&f=false

    Though the previous link does show 12 available in England at 35 (I think penny). This would have been store cost and probably resold to public at inflated price.

    This all said I'd say your sign would date at around 1914; hard to be more specific with out more documentation.

    Looking at the address on the sign versus dry good listing, it may have been produced at a slightly at a later date.

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    WOW! Its looking Classic and beautiful! Congratulations Man for finding one! :)
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    It must not be that rare. There is one just like that on the bay right now...
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    ...not to mention the sharp edges and rust. Another reason to keep your tetanus shots up to date.

    I do like this one, though.
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    My favorite one might qualify for a good shave sign::

    FINE FOR PARKING(as cars pour into the lot).
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    Welcome t the forum :)
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    Welcome to TSD!
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