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    I have been known to cut out the black hairs on my boar brushes. I assume that you could apply this to badgers as well. Found this from Rudy Vey on another forum:

    Rudy Vey
    RayClem said:

    In my post, I was not recommending shearing the canopy of the brush. I am only talking about snipping off the black hairs 1/4" below the canopy so they no longer contact the skin.

    I do that with all my brushes other than synthetics.

    Wasn't meant to you, but there was a post or two talking about a hair cut...I agree with you that these blak hair, actually, these are up-side-down hairs and they must be removed if they become a nuisance. I just do not use scissors, but a pair of tweezers, or even pull them out by hand.
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