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    @Sylverster92 recommended a seller to me by the handle of GW23, email address Alexander Williams, aka Renita A Foster, took me to the cleaners for $600 via CashApp for Adobe CS6 Master Collection. Just want to warn anyone so this clown doesn't get you the way he did me. Here's some more info.

    The CashApp profile goes to one $ShastaOsbey, Twitter accounts being here and here. That's the account to whom "Alexander" had me send my money so he could fleece me.

    I swear, sometimes I wonder why I let myself get taken by people.
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  2. Paul Turner

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    I hope there's some public policy organization you can report this to.
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    Article Team
    A good reason to insist on using PayPal or a credit card. It would give you an option of retrieving your money.

    I'm sorry you got suckered.
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    Unfortunately, I don't have PayPal anymore nor can I sign up for or use it again. Had an outstanding balance on the PayPal credit card that went into collections when I became unemployed, so even though I'm working again and trying to pay it off, it'll be years if ever before I can use it again.

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