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Discussion in 'Freebies' started by mastermute, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Loner16

    Loner16 New Member

    Here's our girl Sandy.

    She was abused with a e-collar in her first year, and passed from kennel to kennel because of her excellent breeding and good looks on the ground. She was destined to kennel life as a brood matron ( I couldn't possibly think of a worse life for a dog!) when I came across her in a friend's kennel. She wouldn't eat more than enough to keep her alive, and was very unhappy.
    I was asked by the owner if I knew of anyone that would take her. The only proviso being the right to breed back to her. I agonized with the decision for days... We already had two dogs, but I couldn't think of anyone that would give her the kind of home I thought she deserved... except for my wife and I!
    I asked my wife to just come with me and take a look at her, and tell me what she thought...
    My wife placed her fingers through the chain link of the kennel, and this little Setter pushed herself into my wife's hand seeking attention. My wife was obviously sold on her... As I knew she would be!
    We took her home with us right away. It wasn't an easy road... She was frightened of many things, and unused to living in a home, but she adores people.
    We've had her now almost six years.. She was never bred, and we've since had her spayed. She's my constant companion... A happy little dog who want's nothing more than to curl up next to someone or in a warm lap.. She needs and loves alot of attention, and she gets as much as she can handle.
    In short, she's the light of my life!

    So, here's the little English Setter who's life turned around for the better...



  2. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    Ok, I couldn't wait. This razor is wayyyy more agressive than I use on my slim adj on 6. I have a few nicks but it wasn't bad overall. I think it will make a great travel razor but as far as putting it into my daily rotation, not for a while. I think Bill (Dridecker) was talking in a different thread the other day about putting things away and trying them later to see how they work for you after your technique has changed; I think I may do that with this razor. I need to get a little better before I put it in my rotation. Other than that, it isn't a bad little razor. I won't be paying this particular razor forward for a while, if I ever do. I have a few Gems that I'm probably going to pay one of forward.

    Thanks again Johan. :D
  3. kevtex

    kevtex Member

    This is our dog, Gizmo. My wife came across this little guy when she was out walking. It was around the middle of May last year when she saw him following her. It was pretty hot that day and he was whimpering and whining for her to pick him up. She could tell by the way he looked that he hadn't been taken care of. She brought him home, gave him a bath and plenty of food and water. We asked around the neighborhood if anyone was missing a Pug puppy but no one came forth to claim him. He brings a lot of joy to our family.

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  4. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    These pics are from a camping trip on Halloween.
    maisie awake camping.jpg
    Standing guard (OK wanting to check out people walking by the campsite - maybe they will give her some attention...)
    maisie sleeping in camper.jpg
    Taking advantage of an empty spot in one of the bunks while we were playing cards...
    miaisie and killer pumpkin camping.jpg
    Hey... they was supposed to be a pic of the Maisie...
  5. simonshave

    simonshave New Member

    This is my evil-looking cat. Does a shopped picture count for the PIF ? :D

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  6. Lizzie

    Lizzie New Member

    What counts as a pet????

    Just wondering, do pets have to have feathers, fur, or four legs???? Or can they be teenage daughters?:confused:

    Just kidding, wish I could enter this one, but don't have what actually qualifies as a pet to post :(
  7. soapbuddy

    soapbuddy Mistress of Lather

    :rofl Teenagers can do that to you.
  8. mastermute

    mastermute FatBoy

    E-Collars are banned here in Sweden! I have two Rottweilers, and I would never ever think of putting on an e-collar! I think people that use them should first be made to wear them themselves for a week before considering to put them on their dogs!

    But, this story have a happy ending! :happy005
  9. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    I am assuming that you are both referring to electric collars as e-collar and not Elizabethan collars (which are also called e-collars). When Maisie was fixed, she was wearing an Elizabethan collar and we got chewed out from some random person for using an e-collar and how would we like an electric shock every time we talked. An Elizabethan collar is the thing the vet has you use with a dog to make sure they can't chew or lick surgery sites (its the big collar that looks like a lamp shade). I would hate to wear either type of e-collar, but I would like to think that I would not eat out my stitches as well.

    What was my point? umm.. I think I lost it. E-collars are bad, just clarifying for everyone that we are talking the electric collars, not the lamp shade collars.

    Yay for you for being there to rescue and take care of Sandy!
  10. mastermute

    mastermute FatBoy

    Well, at least I am.

    I didn't know that, I have always heard them referred to as "lampshade-collars".

    One of my dogs spent a good deal of his first year impersonating a lamp. First he broke a bone in his knee when he tried to body slam my other dog at the age of 3 months and that resulted in surgery. Even with the lampshade-collar he somehow managed to lick the stickes open :( Then he was fixed. Then he had too tight foreskin so he got infections, so the infection had to be cured (= no licking) after that "reconstructive surgery". And they made it too small still, so they had to redo it (They apparently always stay on the "safe side" because if the make it too wide that will also result in infections due to dirt getting in, and too wide is worse to fix than too tight) So, not only did he look like a funnel head, it cost us an arm and a leg :( But anything to keep him healthy!
  11. Loner16

    Loner16 New Member

    I'm sorry..

    Yes, e-collar is an electronic collar. In the old days they were referred to as "shock collars," and rightfully so, as they were capable of terrifying amounts of electrical stimulation. Today's e-collars can be adjusted to deliver stimulation from completely imperceptible to quite noticable. They can be a frightening tool in the wrong hands, and I consider them a shortcut to more traditional, not to mention kind training methods.
    We need our dogs to be our friends first, to gain their love and respect. We want our dogs to work for us because they want to, and not because they are forced to! It makes a huge difference in performance and the dogs general happiness..
    And thanks for the kind comments. This little dog has put a twinkle back in this jaded old goat's eyes... We are totally devoted to each other... Inseperable.
  12. ChemErik

    ChemErik Mr. Personality

    Modern shock collars/e-collars do have a use in rare cases by well qualified trainers. My dad has trained 12 sporting dogs and had one that he used an e-collar with. It was for a specific issue where the dog refused to stay clear of the firing path at times (I'm not aware of the exact details). He used it for about a week to break the dog of one very dangerous habit and that was it. But I'll certainly agree they should not be a standard training device and can easily be misused or used for abuse in the wrong hands.
  13. Loner16

    Loner16 New Member


    In competent and caring hands, they can be a useful tool. But unfortunately, it's the trainer that often needs the training. I'm old school... I still use checkcords. But, I don't have to produce a working gundog in a prescribed amount of time.
    My dogs are more than just hunting partners, they are 24/7 companions.
  14. Jimbo

    Jimbo New Member

    I use an electrostatic shock collar fence on our property with both our dogs. They really do not give out a large shock - I tried it on myself before ever putting it on our dogs.

    In any event, the shock is a correction if they continue to approach the boundary after being warned by a beep. The amount of training that goes into the system before you turn on the shock function really does mean shocks are kept to a minimum. I think my dogs have only received two small shocks from the collar in 6 months - they very quickly learn to associate the beep with "no go".

    Given we do not have a physical fence on our property, I find this system ideal. It does not of course protect them from other dogs entering our property, but we never use it unless we are at home. In any event, its better that than two dead dogs on the side of the road.

  15. simonshave

    simonshave New Member

    ANd the winner is ... :confused:
  16. Ishouldbeking

    Ishouldbeking Member

    also curious (and hopeful!)
  17. mastermute

    mastermute FatBoy


    I have been occupied by some unforeseen stuff, that is what has caused the delay, please accept my apologies.

    I have entered the names on and they provided me with the following 3 winners:

    - ellsworthcj5
    - MN_Nick
    - Loner16


    Please PM me you addresses and your razor will be in the mail!
  18. Ishouldbeking

    Ishouldbeking Member

    congrats to the winners! and mastermute, no need to apologize in the slightest... thanks so much for giving people the chance to try something new! I just won one of the newbie giveaway packages and my mind is still blown at how great this site is... thanks to folks like you!
  19. Loner16

    Loner16 New Member

    My thanks to mastermute for providing the razors to the winners, and TSD for providing the forum to do so..
    I would have posted the photos of my English Setter regardless, because I thing she is so pretty, sweet and photogenic. And I cannot imagine that others would not think so also..

    Thanks again everyone!
  20. fishgutmartyr

    fishgutmartyr Member

    Thanks for the fun thread!
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