FS: Dovo Master's 6/8 Full Hollow straight razor

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    For Sale:

    A brand new, in box, never used Dovo Master's 6/8 Full Hollow straight. I received this as a gift and don't have a strong interest to jump down the straight razor rabbit hole just yet!

    All original packaging. The seal is broken on the outer box so I could inspect and photograph the beautiful razor. It is brand new, never used. The razor has a genuine grenadille
    handle. Grenadille is also known as African Blackwood.

    $215 shipping included, CONUS.



    20190626_133109.jpg 20190626_133122.jpg 20190626_133122.jpg 20190626_133109.jpg 20190626_133050.jpg 20190626_133030.jpg
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