FS/FT: Gillette DE Safety Razors: Prices Dropped

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Willy De Sousa, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi There Folks i have some Gillette Safety Razors for sale.

    Any Trades Welcome

    Photos are on now!! good to be in the world of the living again my pc is fixed!
    Here is list.

    1. Gillette Safety Razor Flare Tip Super Speed British Made Near Mint $30.00 TRADED
    2. British Made Gillette HD ROCKET. Brit Pat 694093 $50.00
    3. Gillette DE Safety Razor Fat Tech Made in England $ 30.00 SOLD
    4. Gillette DE Safety Razor Ball Tech Made in England MINT $ 15.00
    5. Gillette DE Safety Razor Blue Tip Super Speed Code C 2 $ 20.00
    6. British made HD Rocket the handle is made from aluminum $ 35.00 SOLD
    7. Gillette Safety Razor Super Speed Date Code X 3 $20.00
    8. Gillette Safety Razor Minora Open Comb Made in ENGLAND MINT $30.00 TRADED


    I ship world wide. Payment Paypal


  2. Folks my PC should be ready by next week then i can post all the photos of the razors i have for sell here

  3. Sorry gents , pc still not fixed getting it formated , hopefully it will be ready by this week coming , then i can post the pics of these beauty's

    Sorry once again
  4. Sorry gents , pc still not fixed
    i am really thinking that my pc has no cure.
    But please if yous need pics of these razor , just email me and i will email yous the photos

    Sorry one again

  5. Photos are on now!
  6. Prices have been reduced!
  7. bump
    i am open for offers
  8. any offers guys?
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