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    IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1014.JPG SOLD set of 3 B1 Stainless Steal base plates and B1 Top Cap Plus SOLD, SOLD i have owned but not used the B1 straight bar for a few years but i just don't use it so bought the open and OSS heads to try out and im still a Edwin Jegger kind of shaver.
    the B1 Standard bar is very aggressive, more then the R41. the Open comb is less aggressive still goes after it but if your mind wonders while shaving you probably won't cut anything off. The OSS is a larger jump down, mild smooth shaver. all in all i think they are interesting but im not going to use them much.
    the only real sign of wear is the bottom of the cap, the threads and a very thin silver line on the edge of one side, its hard to make out in the photos. the top of the cap is smooth and clean with no marks. my lighting is bad so blow up the photos to look.
    ill send them to you in the lower 49 states asking

    IMG_1003.JPG IMG_1005.JPG IMG_1008.JPG IMG_1009.JPG IMG_1006.JPG IMG_1007.JPG IMG_1004.JPG
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