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    For Sale - Schick 500 Injector $50 Shipped (within North America)

    For sale is a Schick 500 Injector complete with box, instructions, and a new 10-pack of blades. The box has seen some wear, as is pictured, but the razor is in excellent shape. The razor head shows very little wear and is fully functional; also there are very light scratches on the head that can only be seen under close inspection.

    I believe in being blatantly honest and leaving no surprises when selling items so please take note of the following: Sometimes when loading the Japanese Schick blades (pictured), I sometimes need to give a small wiggle of the key to get the blade fully loaded (it will sometimes stop half way). I have NOT encountered this issue when loading Chinese Schick blades.

    I am happy to ship overseas, just please contact me so I can find out shipping costs. Feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks!





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