FS: The Crystal Wapienica GLASS straight razor

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  1. olafurson

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    For your consideration...

    Once upon a time, this was a NOS Wapienica 5/8" 1/4 hollow razor in boring stainless steel scales.

    Now, it lives in the world's first and ONLY genuine GLASS scales.

    These scales were designed by yours truly, cut by a local artisan from ordinary window glass, then shipped across the country to be strengthened by the HercuGlass manufacturing company, makers of nearly-unbreakable glassware.

    It was then assembled by Aquanin into the beauty you see here. Because the glass doesn't flex, he used a silicone wedge and several washers so that it would close right.

    Obviously, I can't guarantee it won't break.

    Yours for only $100 CONUS ($115 shipped worldwide)






  2. D Pflaumer

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    Quite a work of art my friend. Very beautiful indeed. How goes life?
  3. blacdisco2000

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  4. mastermute

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    Most probably one of a kind! Love it!
  5. alex2363

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    thats sweet looking razor

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