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    Up for your consideration are the following razors & soaps.
    If you see something you're interested in, make me an offer!
    I would like to get these to people that will use them. They're just taking up space here.

    Add $5 per item for shipping. CONUS only please.
    Contact me via PM with questions.
    I give priority to the order PMs are received.
    Please use PayPal for all purchases.

    See something you like, make me an offer!

    1. HD Rocket II, $35 - Good condition except for plate loss on handle as shown in pics. Mechanics are smooth & work as expected
    2. J1 Slim, $33 - Good condition, all mechanics work, lazy door when open SOLD
    3. NEW SC, $17 - Cap plating gone. Handle good condition, all teeth straight SOLD
    4. Schick Injector E2, $12, Good condition
    5. Schick Injector L1, $10, Good condition
    - Rockwell 6C, $38 - Excellent condition, includes 100 Rockwell blades SOLD
    - Fatip Grande, $10 - Good condition, a little brassing on underside of cap, small blemish on top of cap, with box SOLD
    - Edwin Jagger de89l, $30 - Excellent condition, with box SOLD

    Soaps have been lathered approximately 5 times or less.
    - CBL Soaps Club CBL, made with Pinaud Clubman, used 10 - 15 times, $10
    - CBL Soaps Norse Spice, $12
    - PdP #63, $10 SOLD
    - Shannons Soap Black Magic in premium goats milk formula - used once, $12
    - Shannon's Soap Lakeshore Drive, $12
    - Tabac in milk glass jar, $14 (add $9 for shipping)
    - Viking Lavender & Cedar, $8
    - Oleo Sandlewood - $10
    - Sapone Di Paolo Arancionei Sweet Orange - used once, $9
    - Lisa’s Natural Herbal Creations Artisan Sheep Milk, Florida Freeze, $12 SOLD
    - Cella Crema Sapone, Tub filled with grated Cella from a kilo brick, $9
    - Beer Soap Brewing Soapy’s Barbershop, for trade only

    Soaps I would trade for: DG Bandwagon, DG Trismegistus, GD Barbershop
    Razors I would trade for: RFB, New DeLuxe, Goodwill #160
    Please make trade offers via PM

    IMG_1181.jpg IMG_1180.jpg IMG_1182.jpg
    IMG_1190.jpg IMG_1189.jpg
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