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    You know its funny ,I`ve been shaving with a straight razor exclusively for years and use both hands for each respective side of the face ,no problem,but when I try to use my left hand with a DE razor, do you think I can do it,not on your nelly . I have noticed though that its not necessary to use both hands as its easy to reach all the way around. when only using one.
    An explanation as to why the difficulty would be appreciated :confused:
    Kind regards Peter
    PS I`m right handed
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  3. D.irving79

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    its funny b/c if you look in the booklet that came with gillette razors (1918 i think) it shows the guy using BOTH hands to shave.

    ymmv indeed ;)
  4. MTgrayling

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    Funny is watching me try to flyfish left handed. :rolleyes:
  5. D.irving79

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    what kind of razors do those fish use?


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