Gem G bar and Maseto brush maiden cruise

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Razorhound, Nov 14, 2017.

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    I have to tip my hat to a razor that I find the least aesthetically pleasing out of my collection and a brush that I hoped would live up to expectations and hype. The GEM is my first SE razor and non Gillette or Merkur that I have purchased. I got the GEM in a antique store in good shape for $8 and even though I find it odd looking compared to Gillette offerings.....I figured why not? It will be a conversation piece if nothing else.
    With the purchase of cheapo blades from CVS (ptfe blades on the way) and a two day growth the ugly little single edge razor lived up to its reputation as a top notch shaver. The most comfortable easy shave I have had. Other razors in my collection do the job intended. For being efficient though I put the GEM right there with my Futur, with the Futur being closer though to jumping on a crotch rocket three sheets in the wind and the GEM being closer to a child's bicycle with training wheels.

    On to the Maseto 30mm 2 band badger. I had high expectations as I had read many positive accounts about the Maseto punching above its price point and for a first impression I would agree. Impressive lathering right out of the box with backbone and comfortable on the face. I can easily see this being my go to brush. Even though I have not used my Semogue OC boar yet if it even equals the Maseto I will be pleasantly surprised.
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    Yer new, so we'll cut ya some slack. SOME, mind you.
    'Round here, no pics means it never happened.
    Ain't gonna be so easy on ya next time.

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    And these days even with pics it may never have happened.
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    Make sure you dry those CVS blades, they rust quick!
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    Mea culpa. Although the expression that "Big Charlie" exhibits in photo might indicate a real lack of enthusiasm for this exercise he assures me that being drug out of top of the closet and pimped in such a manner "should in no way constitute you feeling that you forced a monstrous imposition on my time and dignity.....AT ALL!" IMG_0941[1].JPG IMG_0940[1].JPG IMG_0938[1].JPG
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    And pass along thanks to Big Charlie!
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    @Razorhound what you have there is a Heavy Flat Top GEM also know as a G-Bar. Yes they are great razors and easy to find the proper angle on. GEM made some great razors and can be picked up for less then $20. You should keep a look out for a GEM MicroMatic Razor, the Open Comb (OCMM), the Clog Prof (CPMM) and the Flying Wing AKA Bullet Tip (FWMM/BTMM). Some say the OCMM is more aggressive than the G-Bar and one of GEMs most aggressive razors (YMMV).
    Now if you want to go old school GEM you can get a Lather Catcher. They are quite sexy to look at and make wonderful shavers. Oh I'm sorry have I been enabling? To see some other Single Edge (SE) Razor porn check out the Injector & SE Party !!! thread. Yet be careful, the SE rabbit hole is deep. I started here at TSD as a straight user and fell into the SE hole and have not found my way out yet.
    I too have a MS 30mm 2 band brush, though the blue handle is new to me, I like it. On another forum some have compared the MS 30mm to the Simpson CH3. Where the MS is over $250 cheaper than the Simpson. I also have their synthetic brush and love it.
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    Nice pics. Now, I can believe it.
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  9. Jim99

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    The g-bar is one of my favorites and always delivers great shaves.
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  10. Jim99

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