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    Product Range: Very interesting line. Very nice prices. Home brands are a plus. 10 here for the variation.

    Competitiveness: The range is diverse and the seasonal offerings are attractive. Also a 10.

    Packaging and shipping: See below.

    Website Presence: Very VERY easy to use and navigate. 10 here.

    Payment methods: This was a little bit of a pain but easy to figure out given fair time.

    Customer service: See below.

    10/31/2010 - Placed order
    11/07/2010 - Website notes all orders placed before the 6th has shipped
    11/10/2010 - I miss my "birthday shave" (This is more of a personal issue)
    11/13/2010 - Find out that Ray is in the hospital
    11/14/2010 - Email
    11/17/2010 - Ray is out
    11/18/2010 - Call
    11/19/2010 - Call
    11/20/2010 - Call
    11/21/2010 - Paypal Claim
    12/01/2010 - Fund reversal

    I can understand a medical emergency but a full month was unacceptable to me. Especially after noting orders have shipped. Nobody working at the store picked up my calls. Nobody contacted me. Nobody sent me a package. Nobody reversed any funds.

    I trust Ray's circumstances but hardly agree with his methods of taking on his financial agreements. OK--It's only shaving supplies, BUT this is money that was entitled to me and that I tendered for services that were not fulfilled. I had some rather nasty remarks from some of his friends for making a fuss about this.

    Ray will have my business when I can assure he is fully capable of rendering full services again. Just wanted to share this experience.

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