Gentlemen's Groom Room, Dundee, Scotland

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by McGrande, Feb 3, 2019.

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    Any of you lads or lassies residing in Scotland know of this shop? For some reason my browser indicates their website can't provide a secure connection.

    Heading to Scotland late April - early May this year. My wife and I will be taking the whisky tour in and around Grantown-on-Spey as well as visiting the Northeast region (Aberdeenshire, Perth and Fife). Two years ago we concentrated on Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Borders. (got to remember to enter the round-a-bouts from the left and stop banging my right arm into the door panel reaching for the shift stick!)

    Just wondering if the aforementioned shop stocks any products (soaps, creams, AS splashes) not available from the normal US and Canadian suppliers. Would like to pick up some Scottish made items if available.

    Any tips welcome!
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  2. brit

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    there is a Kevy Shaves video on you tube where he does a complete tour of the shop and its products..
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    I'll take a look. Thanks!
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    You may or may not know this but Kevy Shaves is from Dundee, Scotland. Send him an email I'm sure he will answer with some good tips for you.
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