George Wostenholm & Son's Pipe Razor

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    Go. Wostenholm & Son's. 7/8th Full on Wedge.
    "The Original & True Pipe Razor
    Manufactured Only By The
    George Wostenholm & Son's
    Washington Works, Sheffield.

    The tang says Go. Wostenholm & Son's. Not the usual Geo. or George.. It is about as Wedge as I have ever seen. The blade had been over polished before I obtained it, but, for under $10, I wont complain. It arrived in sad shape, but a little buffing and sanding brought the blade to acceptable shape. The scales were a homemade junk wood, and were immediately tossed. I broke out some Horn Scales, that I figured might look better, so, I put some new washers and a new pin set on. Oh, I also massaged out a couple of tiny chips on the blade.
    I only need to hone it now.
    It's a restoration day.

    Before. Sorry for some of the junk shots. I thought I took some before photos. These are from the seller.



    After, Also a better shot of the original scales.



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    A 7/8' pipe razor for under $10... awesome! And very nice, classy restoration Scott. :happy088:
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    Thanks, it was my first every rescale. I figured this big Pipe Razor deserved some new Horn Scales. Those "Broom Handle " ones it came with were horrendous.
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