Get Ye'r Shaves in India.. take a seat .

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by SSLSTudio..., Oct 20, 2007.

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    Well I think we have to ask Rick to take the fall for the group cuz no way am I going to sit down in that chair....

    it also seems the Barber is using some sort of disposable STR8 here clips in a fresh blade.

    The 2nd Barber well he will break your neck in the end. good Show though !


  2. seamus402

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    I'd sit in that chair as long as it was a fresh blade. The best massage I have every had was near the Banana River in South West India. Two Auyervedic Doctors(?) on a koa wood table with lips on the edge and holes in the bottom. They asked me what my ailments were and cooked up some oil potion. I felt great for 2 weeks. I trust the Indian ways completely.
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    I use Ayurvedic herbal supplements and treatments for my skin and nothing else has worked better for me. My pediatrician as a child was Indian and so was my alternative doctor, who also is a M.D. They appreciated different methods for healing and rejuvenating that most medical doctors would frown at.
  4. TraderJoe

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    Great vids Rene,

    Curious as to what ointments and creams, and the sprays being used are. Could identify old spice aftershave (spray) in the first video.

  5. crackstar

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    Joe, in India, Godrej is a very commonly used s/c, so is Palmolive (Lemon, like we have,) Vicco, and so are Denim, Old Spice, Park Avenue and Nivea...just to name a few! Which one the barber was using on the customer? Ahhhhhh, couldn't tell ya, buddy! :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl
  6. Woknblues

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    a fresh blade, no worries. These guys are PROS. They probably knock out 50 shaves a day. I would be going daily. most here in the Philippines use half of a DE in their straights, I just bring a fresh derby each time, and let him "keep the change" ;), but I live too far away to make the daily shave, so I just get one when I go in for a haircut every two weeks ;)

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