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    Part 1 of a continuing series.

    The first instance of Gillette using this brand name is in 1914 and from 1914 - 1922 Gillette produced sets under this name which always came in an ivory type case with gold or silver plated razors.

    They produced these with 3 distinct style of razors during this time period.
    Bell tube handle
    1914 - 1917/1918*,**

    Single Ring handle
    1918/1919 - 1920*

    New improved razor
    1921 - 1922***

    *It is unclear if they sold the bell tube style handle in 1918 in the US but they did still sell them in Canada
    ** the handles, bell tube or single ring both have Pat.Nov.15.04 on the lower ring of the handle. I have one that says Pat.Nov.13.04 which is either a unique to the bell tube handle models or a mistake and is stamped wrong.
    *** The new improved razors can be distinguished as Aristocrats by the marking Pat.Jan.3.1920 on the lower portion of the handle.

    1914 - 1917/1918
    First instance of this razor being sold
    Ad from the San Francisco Examiner Oct. 16th 1914

    Last known instance of a bell tube handle sold in the US. Unclear if they still sold them this way in 1918 in the US also.
    Ad from the Philadelphia Inquirer Dec. 20th 1917
    See full page ad attachment. Problems resizing ad to attach.

    Last known instance of the bell tube handle sold in Canada
    Ad from the Ottawa Journal May 9th 1918

    1918/1919 - 1920
    Last instance of the old type
    Ad from the Salt Lake Telegram Nov. 16th 1920

    In 1921 they switch over to the new and improved style razor. Full page ad attached.

    Ad from The Salt Lake Tribune Mar. 16th 1921

    Final instance
    Ad from the San Bernadino Country Sun Dec. 13th 1922

    After this point the Aristocrat brand disappears except in cases of special high end sets not necessarily available to the general public until 1934 when it reappears as the first one piece razor Gillette produces.

    Part 2 containing the 1pc Aristocrats here

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    Here are some pictures of the razors.

    1914 - 1917/1918
    1914 Aristocrat gold bell tube.jpg 1916 Aristocrat bell tube handle.JPG

    arist1919a.jpg arist1919b.jpg arist1919c.jpg arist1919d.jpg

    arist1920a.jpg arist1920b.jpg arist1920c.jpg arist1920d.jpg

    1921 - 1922
    1922 Aristocrat.JPG
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    Thank you, @BBS
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    All US New improveds carry Pat.Jan.3.1920, it's the New improved patent. Aristocrat sets are gold plated standard razors in the faux ivory cases.


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