Gillette Platinum (New cardboard, St Petersburg manufacture)

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Mitsimonsta, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Mitsimonsta

    Mitsimonsta New Member

    Just got 100 of these to test out via the 'Bay. Pricing seems very keen.

    Anyone tried these out? Care to make a comparison?
  2. blanka

    blanka I will not eat my shaving products. Promise.

    I had a bunch of them a while back. Sold most of them, but they are very good blades. I just happen to prefer 7 O'clock Blacks & Yellows.

    I've also known a couple people who swear they are nearly identical to Swedes. Probably a case of YMMV. I don't think they make it past two to three shaves on my heavy beard.

  3. Mitsimonsta

    Mitsimonsta New Member

    This is a whisper I have heard from a few people too. While they are made in St Petersburg rather than the Polish factory, apparently some say they are ground to the same specs as the Swedes.

    It's a pity because I just had a shave this morning with my first try of P160. I only shave every second day and threw in a new Derby just this morning, so I imagine I am going to have to wait around a week or so to find out.

    Even if you did decide to buy a massive bulk of them, St Petersburg blades at around 7c a throw is mighty decent deal, even less if you sell them on at 10c/blade or so.
  4. JarmoP

    JarmoP New Member

    If you are referring to blades with same colour packaging as now extinct "Swedes" and now in cardboard package. They maybe same as Iridiums now gone too. Here in Finland we have them now, but they are 5 euro/5 blade. The cheap blades you are telling about are not them.
  5. Stan Marsh

    Stan Marsh New Member

    I think Mitsimonsta is referring to these:


    I'll have my first shave with these tomorrow. Results to follow.
  6. blanka

    blanka I will not eat my shaving products. Promise.

    Those are the same ones I have.

  7. that differences exist between those of picture
    , and those of my photos?
  8. Stan Marsh

    Stan Marsh New Member

    I am not sure... I haven't tried these. :)

    If you want, we can make a little trade - 5 for 5 and compare. PM me if interested.
  9. Mitsimonsta

    Mitsimonsta New Member

    The blades are definitely not the same. The 'White' Cardboard Platinums are/were made in Lodtz, Poland. The 'Dark Blue' Cardboard Platinums at made at St. Petersburg.

    Most people who have tried both prefer the Whites. I have only tried the Dark blues, and they were just behind a NOS Bleue Extra for sharpness and also smoothness. Still a nice blade at 7c when you buy in massive bulk - most places charge $34/100 for any of the 7 O'Clocks. When you can get these easily at ~$16/100, it's half the price, and definitely not half the blade. Cracking value.

    Would like to try the White Platinums, I have found one supplier online in Spain however the shipping cost to me was prohibitive (about the same cost as buying 100 blades). Anyone know of a supplier that I can get these from online?

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