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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Swampfox, Oct 15, 2020.

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  2. brit

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    I'd rather have the brit version, despite the other being rarer.
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  4. brit

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    it's supposedly rhodium plated as well.the u.s one looks like a modded new sc design.i do like the new sc razors,close second for me with the brit rfb being top dog..:)
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    Someday I wouldn't mind trying a RFB Tech. I wouldn't even try to slant it.

    Speaking of rare, collectible Gillettes...

    There's only a handful in existence, though I'd hesitate to call them especially valuable. Of course, if I caught Covid-19 and died, ending their production; they would probably become as collectible as Wolfman razors. :p
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  6. brit

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    there is a couple on the bay at present.. 1934 NEW No44.jpg
    cool gillette slant..;)
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    All I'm seeing is open comb RFB New razors on the Bay.

    I wasn't aware the RFB Tech was so common. I've only seen about five or so over the years, and when one does hit the open market, there's usually quite the hubbub on the forums about it.
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  8. brit

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    your new hybrid is is an rfb/tech..they come up somewhat regular on ebay uk..
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    A point for the OP, just because the seller says "rare" on everyone's favorite online auction site, does not in fact, mean that the razor is necessarily rare. In most cases, the opposite is true.
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  10. romsitsa

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    Rarest Gillettes?
    Pre TTO era prototypes which never went into production (For eg. the double ring prototypes, hybrid of a New improved and No 77, New deluxe for a segmented blade).
    Post tto era prototypes which never went into production (For eg. open comb Ss, adjustable Ss, Valet injector).
    For these check the patent database of google, all drawings had working protos.
    More common:
    1947 Techmatic.
    Double ring in litho tin (or cardboard box).
    Double ring plated in gold (technically it could exist).
    High end sets, like the gold plated and engraved 460 from 1904-05, Gorham sterling silver combination sets, Old type Aristocrat (combination set), British custom sets with solid silver or ivory cases.
    Razors of "famous" people, with the proper documentation.
    Angol-American Aristocrat, although it can be replicated pretty easily, so it's not a bullet proof investment, imho.
    British two piece New Deluxe Bigboy with Rfb comb.
    British two piece No 77 with hollow ball end.
    But the actual value always depends on the market, a bottom dial will usually fetch much higher prices than any of the above.
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  11. tonich

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  12. PLANofMAN

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    That's one way of looking at it.

    I think @twhite would disagree with you, since he made the CNC tooling to slant those razors. Home made projects usually don't require a full machine shop to get started.
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  13. Lancre

    Lancre Well-Known Member

    To be fair, he only said they were rare, and home-made projects are invariably rare, if not unique.
    Whether they're worth anything or not is another question. :rolleyes:
    Some might even label them as "wanton destruction". :rofl:
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  14. tonich

    tonich Active Member

    Not sure what the purpose of doing that is.
    Head geometry seems totally off, comparing to the original German slant razors.
    Bet shaving with one of those would be a disaster.
  15. romsitsa

    romsitsa Member

    Home projects are fun, but not worth collecting. On the other hand, some of my monsters will most probably live their own life (if vintage razors will still bw a thing in 20+ years) as they could have come from Gillette.

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  16. twhite

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    Well your first issue is comparing it other razors. It is not intended to be a German slant As you may at may or may not know. Inducing torque along with the curving of the blade. 2 directions of twist. Makes for a much stiffer blade. That is what is being accomplished here.

    As most people know. A blade that does not flex. Will give a superior shave to one that does.

    As you have not had one of these in your hand. I find it very interesting you can assume the head geometry is totally off. When you have it in hand you will notice it is very fluid in curvature.

    I for one am a total tech hater. Way to mild ( zero blade feel) for my liking. To my utter amazement once I tried the slantified version. I no longer hate them. That is if they have been modified. There is some perceptible feel thereby giving a very nice shave.

    May I suggest you try it before jumping to conclusions. There is a pass around that @PLANofMAN is running.

    Kind regards

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  17. PLANofMAN

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    The head geometry is based off a vintage French Valencia open comb slant, a true torsion slant, as opposed to the common German "tip the blade on a diagonal and call it a slant," slant.

    Feel free to read a review.
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  18. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    Some pictures of the Super Rare 1968 N3 Slim adjustable.
    pictures courtesy of

    Slim-Odd-01.jpg Slim-Odd-02.jpg N2-N3-N4-B.jpg

    The rarity is first in the date code, try finding any Slim dated N3 second is the base plate as can be seen, it is for all practical purposes an official frankengillette i.e. a Super adjustable black beauty head on a slim handle.
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  19. PLANofMAN

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    We won't get closure until the OP posts pics, but he has started off his collection with a very nice Gillette Double Ring.

    In case anyone was curious, I recommended that he NOT slant it. And before you grab the pitchforks and torches to chase after him, he didn't ask about slanting it. :)
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  20. MntnMan62

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    Collect them all.
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