Gillette Shavette? Who knew?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by IAmTheJody, May 24, 2012.

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    Since many straight razor users do not consider a shavette to be a straight razor, I'm posting this here in the Safety Razor section. After all, these use regular double-edge blades...

    My latest acquisition, arriving to me today from Germany...

    Gillette's whole reason for founding and existence since 1903 was to get people away from straight razors - or the work that goes into maintaining them - and into buying disposable blades, where the money was to be made. Anytime a company can get you hooked on something disposable, something you have to constantly buy more of, the company considers this a success. This is why back in the old days the razor holder itself was had on the cheap, and why Gillette, Schick and others even today in 2012 often give away the handle but you have to buy the cartridges.

    So it's very interesting to see that at one time, Gillette did make these particular razors. Or had them made for them. They are quite rare. It seems to be that the sales were limited because you do not see them very often. When is the last time you saw one of these for sale or saw one of these period? I haven't a clue when they were made. The assumption is 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. Based on the logo style, I'm going with the late 1970s to early 1980s.

    They use modern double edge blades, which you snap or cut in half.

    They were available in four colors: blue, green, yellow and red. I now have the green, yellow and red - which means I've got my eye out for a blue one now.

    The images below are from the seller:


    Here, you can see the mechanics:

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    At least (in theory), you'd be using Gillette blades with them.
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  3. GDCarrington

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    Interesting and excellent look, but as Rich stated it is a different way to sell Gillette blades.
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  4. kaiser

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    Is this "official"? I mean if they are found on eBay or similar site maybe they're just Asian fakes?
  5. IAmTheJody

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    Counterfeit, I don't know. I got them from another collector, not eBay or similar site. Considering the quality and exact correct Gillette font from the time and most counterfeits aren't of similar good quality, I can't say for sure but do doubt it.
  6. Slipperyjoe

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    Wow..didn't know Gillette ever made these. Outstanding!
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  7. tomnat

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    Very cool!
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  8. bdlehr

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    This is very interesting. I didn't know they ever made straights of any sort.

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  9. Queen of Blades

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    You always find such unique and interesting shaving paraphernalia, Jody
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    It's amazing! Where d'you find all these specials?
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  11. richgem

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    It would appear that Yoda has minions as well. :eek:
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  12. IAmTheJody

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    I search high and low, right to left, on top of and under. ;)
  13. johnus

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    We're they possibly made for use in Barber and Beauty shops?? Would make sense.
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  14. IAmTheJody

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    Due to their scarcity, I do believe so. Probably given out by Gillette as promos to push their blades.
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  15. IAmTheJody

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    This is what the seller says today to me about these:

    I bought these shavettes from an English retired Gillette employee and he told me that this shavettes were produced in Europe. You can see the shavettes have the same writing/letters like in the late 70s early 80s and have the Trade Mark (TM) included. You can find that style on other labels too. The Gillette company offered these shavettes to sell more razor blades. They produced this shavettes very limited as the employee told me. I saw one shavette on eBay in France and Italy too. I don't think a fake production would use the more expensive stainless steel either.

    Good enough for me.
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