Gillette Silver Blue "Old" vs "New"

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by ksmith56, May 2, 2022.

  1. ksmith56

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    I read here in the forums (and elsewhere) that Gillette has discontinued the Gillette Silver Blue. I know that Razorbladesclub has both listed. The "New" isn't available but the "Old" version of GSB is showing available.

    What's the difference between the two in terms of sharpness and longevity? I realize this is all subjective, but just thinking about stocking up.

    Thank You.

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  2. Ron R

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    If your looking to buy the new GSB blades (Packaging)you can on Ebay and look for seller (4 Shaves)out of Montreal Canada, free shipping, good prices and reliable IMO.
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  3. realtore!!!

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    There’s no difference between the blades in use. The only difference is the new blades have the Gillette logo laser etched onto the blade, whereas the old blades used ink.
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  4. Old School

    Old School *$&%@#~

    I hope they etch it before they coat it, lol.
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