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    I am wanting to know if there are any differences between the different years that the Gillette Slim Adjustable was manufactured? In particular, is there any difference in how one year of a Slim Adjustable on a setting of 5 would shave compared to another year on the same setting? In other words, how consistent were the Slim Adjustables between years?

    Thank You.
    Korey Smith

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    Really consistent. The slim adjustables should all shave darn near identical. Any of the variations in the adjustable lines happened back in the initial toggle/fatboy test market phase.
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    If someone were to find a difference between years now, I would suspect that it’s because of the specific razor having possibly been bent or otherwise damaged. I have a 19y6 Slim that I don’t get particularly great shaves from and I suspect it may be damaged somehow. I recently acquired it’s successor, the Super Adjustable, and have had great shaves with it.
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    Short answer on performance is no for almost the whole production run of them and the same holds true for the Slim Arisocrat Adjustable which is the same razor just different plating.

    Longer answer, there is a very rare variant produced only during 1968 and only with the date code of N3 that is a Slim handle on a Super Adjustable razor head. I've only seen one in all my years of collecting and never any others like that or any others with a N3 date code on them. So for all practical purposes the short answer applies because the likelihood of you finding one of these is minuscule. If you do I'd suggest you also go and play some lottery tickets if you are that lucky.
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    There is one slight manufacturing difference that happened sometime between 64 and 65 on the doors with them changing the lifter tabs shape. With that said it doesn't affect how they shave nor is it some feature collectors or wet shavers who use them seek out when purchasing.
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    Exactly, if there is a major deviation in performance you can chalk it up to one or both slim adjustable razors no longer being in the original manufacturing tolerances.
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    To correct myself and with pictures there were 2 major manufacturing revisions on the razor with pictures (not mine). Neither affect how they shave.

    First happened in 62

    Second which I am quoting happened in 64
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    If it's any help. I've had my Slim for 60 years and still works and shaves just as good as the day I bought it.
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    Well, darn! I have had my Slim for only 56 years. It was my daily driver for 47 & 1/2 years (until I fell in with bad companions who introduced me to RAD).
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    Gotta love the enablers. You find a bottom dial yet? :)
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    The girl friend found this the other day whilst clearing out her parents home (RIP) Took a toothbrush & dawn dish detergent, some alcohol then hydrogen peroxide and polishing cloth to it .....cleaned up rather nicely. '67 slim next to my '59 fatboy, truth be told I think it's better ? After a scotch and water I was inspired to make my own shaving tutorial video; working title "Night of the Weepers"

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