Greetings from Malaysia!

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by chard52142, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. chard52142

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    Thanks again for the welcome. Happy New Year and happy holidays wishes to all.
    I tried but find it really difficult to upload pictures here.
    Generally in Malaysia there's very limited wet shaving supplies. Either for safety or straight razor(even less) hardwares and softwares.
    Most of DE blades are from India...loads of SuperMax varieties. Similar to shave creams.
    There's a place in the capital though I found incredibly cheap Astra SP...tons of it.
    Most of my DE setups are from out of Malaysia. UK mostly as the choices and most important the cost of shipping is good. I do get some stuff from US...just received some Catie's Bubbles soap and timeless bowl from Maggard courtesy of their international shipping heavy discount. I have items in the cart of Stirling and Maggard just waiting for any sale otherwise it is just too expensive.
    Another main supplier is from Aliexpress...especially all my brushes badgers and synthetics plus some razors too. Even the amazing silicone shave bowl with nubs from Aliexpress (Stirling have it & I almost bought from them but saved because of high shipping cost)
    I travel a lot for work and always on the hunt for shaving stuff. Recently found incredible tons of cheap Feather blades in box of 100. Bought 1 box of 100 when I know myself I don't need it..hahahaha...just can't resist.
    Wanna post all my pictures but seems really difficult here. Hope can be easier to post but otherwise there'll be more from me.
    Well.....that's it..
    Thanks again and best wishes
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  2. CliffDweller

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    Greetings Chard! I live in the Bay Area in Cali but my wife is Malaysian from KL, so I'm there about once a year. Nice to see you on here!
  3. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    Glad to have you join us!

  4. chard52142

    chard52142 New Member

    Greetings Cliff, thanks for the welcome and glad to be here reading and enjoying a great ritual.
    Good to know you come back to Malaysia once a year. Must be a looooooog flight but will be rewarded with an amazing variety of local food and fruits! My American friends missed all of those very much..
    I on the other hand...envy your easy accessibilities on all shaving equipments...vintage, new, hardware and American friends thought I am doing some sort of shaving business...hahahahahaLOL
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  5. chard52142

    chard52142 New Member

    Thanks and glad to be here...
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