Hammam Spa Shaving Soap

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    Just tried this natural Turkish Shave Soap .I bought the Bay Rum scented version .I found the sent to be medium in strength.You call smell it during the shave and about 1/2 hour after .Soap Lathered fairly quickly in about 30-45 seconds .I used a Zenith Boar brush and a Georgetown Scuttle . Soap was fairly slick and provide nice protection .At $7.00 for 4 Oz I think it is a good value and performer .For a grade I would give it a solid B.This is my first shave with this soap .
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    Hey! I know that guy!

    That's a really good price for 4oz. I'll pencil it in for when NB19 is over... :sad038:
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    Yes, he models for Arko and Derby!
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    Derby as well? Looks like a Turkish Matt Damon.
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