Harry's Razors - Great Price, Poor Shave.

Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by Charlton Heston, Nov 3, 2016.


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    Fish oil eh? I could imagine from the strange scent.
  2. smittywerbenmanjensen

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    After all the radio ads (Joe and Evan on the FAN), I ran across Harry's in Target. So I decided to buy it and try it. It was cheap enough. Used it twice with Cremo tub sandalwood cream and once with Williams. These blades SUCK! I hacked up my face pretty good and it took 5 passes in all directions to come near a bbs. I'll stick with
    DE from now on or if need be, use my Schick Hydro 5.
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    WD-40 is also super penetrating. Any coating on the blade, like Teflon, will be removed by WD-40. At that point, you might as well switch to Derby's.
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  4. EnglishChannel

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    OK - so what is wrong with Derby's?
  5. Grimpen

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    {currently part way through a 100 pack off SE Derby Professionals}

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  6. LSUfanBR

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    I could not agree more. I did like Harry's when it was first given to me as a gift. However they were really only comfortable for 1 or 2 shaves for me personally, and they were even worse for me if I skipped a day of shaving, and their cartridges are the hardest cartridges to rinse out that I've ever used. They are also the only company who had a rubber handle that I preferred over their metal one.
  7. Bama Samurai

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    Harry's is why I am here. It wasn't any better than anything else, it was cheaper.
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  8. LSUfanBR

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    Same here. It, along with Gillette's ridiculous cart prices, led me back to my Mach 3 and eventually to my discovery of the Atra and it's widely available aftermarket cartridges.
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  9. Bama Samurai

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    I use Derby in my shavette often. Using it in a FB in nine and it's great. Nothing wrong....
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  10. Knox

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    Not a thing! It's my favorite blade. Smooth and efficient. I have more Derby blades than any other. Love them.
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    COOL! My son is gifting me 2 100 packs of the SE Derby Professionals that he ordered by mistake.
    I will be getting them next weekend when we spend some time together.
    It will take me a while to use that many blades for sure. Glad there are other happy users.

    Thanks for the replies, guys!
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  12. swarden43

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    Hope you do like them.
    I'm not a fan.
  13. Jayaruh

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    My orthopedic doc knows I am a wet shaver. The last time I was in, he had discovered Harry's at Target. He was raving about he five blade Harry's. I let him rave. I guess compared to Gillette's cartridge razors, he would be impressed by the value. It's his shave. At least he is enjoying it now.
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  14. Kilgore Trout

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    I usually dip my blades in the blood of my enemies to preserve longevity.
  15. Bama Samurai

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    I've found DE blade choice does not mean a thing with shavettes. The extra light touch required ensures comfy shaves on any steel versus DE, where blades do matter, but only after the skills are solid.

    For the record, Derby as DE is serviceable. Nothing more, nothing less. I agree that there are better DE blade choices for DE razors.
  16. Bama Samurai

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    I slaughter a goat at midnight every blade change, same reason.
  17. Kilgore Trout

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  18. Enrico

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    I use to do that ... ran out of enemies.

    Slaughtering goats at midnight in the bathroom just wasn't conducive with a happy marriage. You know clean up and all.

    Happy wife, happy life!
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  19. dustmite

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    I bought a genuine Egyptian mummy skull on eBay. I use that to store all my blades. I rest the skull in a home-made crystal pyramid, and only remove a blade at 2 am on the third night after a new moon. That's how I get more than three shaves from a Feather! ;)
  20. Kilgore Trout

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