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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by J_Man, Jun 28, 2020.

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    I figured that I would do a short review on the so called "Haryali's of London" $15 DE. I say so called because as we all know these cheap razors tend to pop up under dozens of different names.

    First off I will mention that the Ebay seller shipped the wrong item, but seeing as how I actually liked the razor, I offered to keep it if he sold me the one that I had originally ordered at half price--to which he agreed, so I am satisfied with that resolution.

    The overall build quality is quite good for a razor at this price point, both fit and finish were above what I normally see on razors in this price bracket. The head is that of the common EJ style clones with no blade alignment issues and an overall nice finish, but as always YMMV. I would probably rate it at midscale for aggressiveness, but then again I shim almost every razor & keep my adjustables wide open, so admittedly I am not the best judge on this.

    The handle was flawless and beautifully finished [once again ymmv] the knurling was just right providing an excellent grip and it felt quite good in the hand. In my opinion it is a well balanced instrument.

    On to the shave; I loaded it with a Gillette 7 O'clock sharp [the only blade for me] and I lathered up with some TOBS sandlewood.
    I proceeded with my usual 3 pass shave.

    First pass [wtg] was smooth and effective with a nice amount of audible feedback and the razor felt comfortable and well balanced with enough weight to let it do it's job.

    Second pass [xtg] I would considder to be on par with most of my adjustables set at mid point and once again a smooth comfortable shave.

    Third pass [atg] was just as good as the previous ones and I had no trouble obtaining my usual BBS.

    To sum it up I would say that while it may not be the highest quality razor out there it is well worth the $15.00 it cost me.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. J_Man

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    Note; my camera makes everything look bad, but the finish is practically on par with my EJ's.

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    Nice exaple of a good product from Pakistan, as well from India or China. *
    BTW, all this EJ clones are not clones.
    EJ DE89 use a Standard geometry.
    These are Standard Plus (normally), with a little more gap.
    Mostly +0,10-0,15mm, as a shim.

    * Lots of brands, in UK and USA too, are rebrand of these products.
    I've a nice chinese product with Maggard Razors brand.
    And I love it.

    Nice price, great shave.
    Best q/p ratio ever.
    Beats easily all the other jewel-like I've tried.
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    By clone I wasn't referring to the actual specifications of the head just the style....As in it's just another EJ lookalike, which is a popular trend amongst the manufacturers of these low end products--they know how to talk the talk, but they can't walk the walk.

    BTW, I am just glad they got the blade alignment right, because there is nothing that irritates me more than fiddling with a blade to get it straight only to end up with a razor that is more aggressive on one side.

    Unfortunately I may just have gotten lucky because as we all know that quality control can be quite unpredictable with these products. I will update on this when the other razor arrives.

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    Update; it's been 7 days since the purchase of the 2nd razor, tracking # still shows that the item hasn't been recieved by the post office and the Ebay seller has not responded to my inquiries...not impressed.

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    Sounds like you got a good razor there. Hope your issue with the second one is resolved soon.

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