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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by ob1page, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. ob1page

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    I am a new member of this site. I recently decided to research different kinds of razors to replace my cartridges. It was about time to purchase some more and I figured there had to be a better way. I have narrowed my choices down to a double edge or an injector model. I am very interested in the vintage models as I appreciate the craftsmanship in older items plus I am looking for a connection to the way my grandfathers shaved. I am here looking for advice, I've been poking around for a little bit and I like what I see here.
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    Welcome. There are many DE razors to choose from. I would wait on injectors. I would recommend a Gillette Slim Adjustable to start with.they are excellent, and you can vary the blade exposure.
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    Welcome to TSD. :)
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    Glad to have you. Plenty of folks to offer an opinion or answer questions. Make friends with the search box, or start a new thread if you don't see what you need. Vintage you say? I've become a fan of Double Edge Gillettes. I don't think I've spent more than $15.00 on one yet. Check with your local antique stores & thrift shops. Then there's also that online auction site, but I prefer to see em up close and be sure they still operate.
    Next thing you'll be asking about; soaps. brushes, & after shaves? ;)
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  5. ob1page

    ob1page Frozen in Phoenix

    Thank you for the advice, I've already started the search for soaps and brushes as well. There is something about slowing down and appreciating the process that intrigues me.
  6. david of central florida

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    hello and welcome
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  7. RyX

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    Good reason to move away from cartridges and canned goo. Fast, simple, boring. There is a down side to getting better shaves. Getting a shave so close that you might be OK skipping the next day. As @billdog2 says,"I regret that I have but one face to give to my razor each morning."
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    You've come to the right place. Glad you have joined us. Enjoy the ride.
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    Welcome to TSD.
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    :signs046:. Welcome to TSD!!
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  11. Jorvaljr

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    From one newbie to another . You are at the right place. If you are looking to get into this, I would suggest that you start slow. There is a 30 day focus group that you should follow and join. If I had to start all over again, I would have bought a cheap set like the van der Hagen sets sold at target, Walmart , local drugstore. It comes with a soap, bowl, and brush. There is a cheap but good razor called weishi also sold as the micro touch (as seen on tv ) or in the van der Hagen set at target and the other stores. The other thing would be to get a blade sample pack from either Amazon or tryablade.com..

    I would have started this way if I had to do it again. I wouldn't look at buying additional brushes , soaps or razors. Stick with the kit and focus on learning. I got caught up on the razor portion and have been obsessed now at acquiring razors and I plan on stopping and refocusing.

    Welcome to the forum
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  12. JR Reyes

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    Welcome to the Den...glad you joined.

    The answer is yes!

    Get an affordable injector and vintage DE. You would be surprised how well they clean up with some scrubbing bubbles and elbow grease.

    I suggest checking out the focus groups and maybe even the injector and SE party thread.

    Plenty of expertise on here, so if you have questions...fire away.
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    Hi and welcome to TSD! Happy Shaving!

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    Welcome to TSD! Please sign up for the Newbie Give-Away HERE
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    Welcome-good to have you here. I had relatives from Phoenix and also Cave Creek many years ago.

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