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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by OhCanada, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Hi newbie to the forum, been wet shaving for a little over a year...I grew a beard out after my first wife passed away 5 years ago and then kept it mainly because of how much I hated shaving (cartidge shaver at the time) .along the way I healed.... met someone....and have become a father for the first time...i also discovered wet shaving starting. with a mekhur 34c and Edwin Jagger 89DE...many razors , inckuding some straights and a kamisori later...the beard is gone ...i'm a daily shaver and looking forward to the day I can teach my son how to shave properly ...I've lurked many forums during my acquisition journey and finally decided to join the conversation.
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  2. Hodge

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    Welcome from Western Canada.
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    Welcome. Glad you joined.

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    Welcome to TSD!
  6. RyX

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    Welcome to TSD @OhCanada! Glad you found us, even better that you've signed up and can join in the conversation.
    I know why I decided to settle in here as my Shave Base on the internet. I'm curious about you.

    You named several razors that are working for you. Any particular soaps, brushes, or post shave products? Photos are always welcome!

    This is your own personal thread so feel free to ask questions. Plenty of friendly knowledgeable folks will be along with opinions, advice, even actual information.

    If you are up for a fast paced, action filled, not just shaving related conversation - check out The 30 Day Rule / Focus Group. It's a bunch of Veteran Shavers learning new gear & New Shavers trying out vintage razors. There are several Canadian members of the 30 Day Crew should you be looking for easy to shop product suggestions.
  7. richgem

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    Welcome, eh?
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    Hi! Welcome to tsd.
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    Welcome to the Den.
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    Hello and welcome ! :)
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  13. Douglas Carey

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    :signs046: from Carleton Place. :)
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  14. Douglas Carey

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    The 30DC is a great place to start and get to know everyone. That's what I found when I started here Rick. :happy088:
  15. wristwatchb

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    Welcome to The Shave Den from Kentucky. It's great to have another Canadian brother here with us. :happy088:
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    Article Team
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    Welcome to TSD...
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    Well welcome Ottawa moose eh!..:p
    welcome moose.png
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    High their, @OhCanada , we are glad to have you join us. You have come to the right place.
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