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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Suhrim21, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Suhrim21

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    I received this brush a while ago from a seller on Etsy as a gift when I placed an order. I'm trying to figure out if the knot needs to be replaced. I've never had one of these Vulfix super badger brushes so I'm not sure. To me it has zero backbone. My horse hair brush has more backbone than this thing. I don't mind the zero backbone so much. But the main thing is to me it looks like it has lost a lot of hair from the knot. I was wondering if anyone could tell from the pics i took if it has indeed lost a lot of hairs and if it's normal for the brush to have a ridiculously low amount of backbone. Also, is super badger the same as silvertip? I'm sorry if the pics don't show enough I tried taking the best pics I could. I'm hoping there is enough detail in the pics for someone to be able to tell.

    20190924_220231_compress43.jpg 20190924_220222_compress31.jpg 20190924_220103_compress71.jpg 20190924_220100_compress82.jpg 20190924_220043_compress2.jpg
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    Vulfix 2235a. I've got one. It gave me a bad impression of "premium" brushes. Starting off with boar brushes I had expectations when I started gathering badgers, too. Floppy to the point of near useless when lathering hard soaps in comparison to boar or even synthetic. If you grab the knot half way up the bristles will function when loading, but it's still going to be floppy for application.
    There is no standard for the naming of badger hair. When I hear Silver Tip I think soft, and more expensive. For a stiffer brush with more backbone, a two band may give service more like a soft synthetic, but it'll also be more prickly - "scritch". "High Density" has become the new selling feature. The two Vulfix I've owned were all but high density. That brush of yours may never have lost a hair, they just arrive whispy and floppy.
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    @RyX had offered a very fair assessment of those brushes. Discovering what I like and how many are assembled has led me to “roll my own” by restoring old handles that match my preferences with the knot(s) I prefer, creating the ideal performance.
    It sounds like you have a good understanding of what you want and like. Floppy brushes do well with creams and painting the lather on. Bowls that are wide and have a little depth seem to match up well also.
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    Thank you two for your help. I'm thinking of having it re-knoted with a two band knot once I get working. I do like the handle but I do agree it is useless as it sits. It is way too floppy. I may do a silvertip just to keep it close to what it is now as well. I'm not sure yet but think it definitely needs to be re-knoted. It's just crazy to me this thing sells for upwards of 80 bucks and the thing is useless.

    I have two brushes that are two band. A green Stirling fan and a FS faux horn bulb two band. I really love both brushes which is why I am thinking two band. I did get the silvertip brush through the PIF here used it a couple times but I was wanting to win so I could give it to my brother since his only brush was a cheap badger and was 10 years old. I did give it to him and he loves it. I did like how soft the tips were and backbone was very similar to my horse brush. So kinda going back and forth between two band or silvertip.
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    My 2 cents would be to think about a SHD knot from Maggards. It is a two-band but softer than others like the TGN.
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    :signs011: PM me if you need any tips, have question or if you're looking for someone to do some work.


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