HomelikeShaving and their START SS razor. From Russia with Love....

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    This has been around for just a wee bit. It’s been posted on a couple of other forums and I said why not, let’s have one here too. It’s an all new razor manufacturer from the Motherland of Russia by a company that calls themselves HomelikeShaving and has produced their first razor for the DE wet shaving aficionado. I’ll just post a couple of pics and post some general info and specs of the razor. I have one on order that I purchased in the polished finish as a complete kit. Should be delivered within the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to trying out a new entry into the shave game, especially manufactured in Russia.

    A similar resemblance to the “Karve/CB” razor....





    HomeLikeShaving» is proud to offer you the result of our cooperation with engineers, shave enthusiast, people interested in the development of wet shaving, the Brand new DE razor "START". Taking into account individual peculiarities, type and skin condition, stubbles, we propose different "START" DE razor parameters by changing the plate type. In the range of distance from 0.69 up to 1.18 between the plate and the DE blade which covers all the requirements bigger part of the users.
    Technical characteristics:
    • Lower plate aggression "GAP": 0.69, 0.90, 0.90 (open comb), 1.18 мм,

    • Material: stainless steel AISI 304,

    • Size of the Upper plate (cap): 43.2 mm x 19 mm,

    • Size of the Lower plate: 43.2 mm х 25.5 mm,

    • Handle size: length 82 mm, diameter 12 mm,

    • Weight of the razor: 105 gramm,

    • Coating: satin (sandblasting and tumbling),

    • Brand: HomeLikeShaving (Russia, Omsk).
    1. Upper plate (cap) - 1 item,

    2. Lower plate (0.69, 0.90, 0.9 (open comb), 1.18 mm) - 4 item,

    3. Handle of the DE razor "Muhla" - 1 item,

    4. Warranty certificate (card) - 1 item,

    5. Package - 1 item.
    Lifetime warranty:
    All «HomeLikeShaving» goods come with a lifetime warranty. Any manufacturing fault and possible defects in material are covered by warranty. Product warranty does not cover damages caused by user’s mistake and potential changes in visual appearance of final finish. In the event of any manufacturing defect you can exchange or return goods. For this purpose please contact the manufacturer or consult your dealer.
    If you need any help or have any problems with your goods, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by e-mail info@homelikeshaving.ru

    Here is a quick pic of their just about to be produced Adjustable razor that will include both an SB & OC base plate. Very intriguing with a design resemblance to one of the great adjustables ever made, the French made Gibbs Regable Adjustable.


    Some info:

      • Gaps 0.5-1.5 mm
      • The price is ~200-250 $
      • 2 plates included (closed/open)
      • Material: stainless steel AISI 316
      • Total length of the razor: 98.17 mm
      • Handle size: length 90 mm, diameter 12 mm
      • Weight of the razor: 117 gramm
      • Fully collapsible, which allows you to disassemble and maintain
    Samples are being tested now, in November we launch production of the entire batch
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    very cool..
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    I think Kevy Shaves has a video using this razor on the youtubes. He seemed to really like it if I remember right.
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    Looks very nice indeed. Where can they be had?
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    I deleted the link I posted because it just went to youtube. I should have clicked on it before I posted. Sorry.
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    Click on the link above. It’ll take you to their site . Some pretty interesting items including shaves soaps, splashes and balms. I should have added a couple of those items as they are very affordable. Maybe next time.....
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    Nice piece of kit. Just got delivered today....

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    Had my first shave with it yesterday but, because of an emergency at work, I didn't have time to write up a quick first impression. I have a Timeless that I received from a pass around on another forum and decided to compare both the Timeless & START razor on my initial shave with them. The rest below is a cut and paste from that forum.

    My apologies for making sort of a brief write up and leaving out some more details and specs on the shave and razors respectively. I will follow up with a more detailed review in the coming days on each razor and especially the CT*PT (START) razor....

    Yesterday was an extremely long day at work. Got home very late and just was exhausted to do anything. And again, I’m heading out the door as I write this in a few minutes. But, I just wanted to give you Gents some feedback on what the shave was with the CT*PT razor & Timeless SS .95.

    The razors performed absolutely flawlessly during my 3 pass shave yesterday morning. Both are smooth, efficient and amazing razors to handle. The Timeless has the finish of what a premium razor should have. Just a gorgeous mirror like polish and look that is second to none. Truly first class. The CT*PT is a notch or two lower to a Timeless in terms of finish, almost identical to a Razorock Gamechanger with it’s semi polished look. Still looks very good, just not a mirror polished like finish. After that though, it shaves every bit as good as the Timeless .95 and I believe it has a smoother face feel than the Timeless razor. The CT*PT with it’s .90 gap base plate matched the Timeless .95 in performance stroke for stroke. The Timeless does give one a bit more blade feel and the audible feedback is amazing while it’s doing its work. The CT*PT though has a lighter blade feel and a quieter sounding cutting sound. You still hear it cutting of course but, just a tad quieter than the Timeless. Using the CT*PT was very easy in attaining the angle and keeping it there at it’s optimal cutting line. Just a super smooth operator that was just very easy to maneuver around ones face. With the .90 base plate I think it would be very difficult to nic or cut oneself during a shave. The Timeless because of it’s slightly more blade feel let’s one know that although it is smooth and efficient, one false move or lazy shave stroke and it can draw blood. Never got that feeling with the CT*PT.

    They are both excellent performers. Love the looks of the Timeless and it has better knurling on the handle once things get slippery. The CT*PT‘s handle is smoother feeling and has a serrated handle that’s not as grippy as the Timeless. Not a big issue as the razor never slipped out of my hands even with soap covering it. But, nonetheless I felt more sure and confident with the Timeless in my hands.

    More shaves to follow with both of these amazing performers. I will put the CT*PT down a couple of days and get it on with the Timeless as it’s on loan via a pass around from a generous shave member on another site. But, I do look forward to putting the CT*PT through its paces, especially with the .90 OC plate & 1.18 SB plate. I’m looking forward to some very exciting shaves with the CT*PT in the near future. First shave in and I believe it to be a keeper for sure....
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    My .90.OC version arrived today. Hefty and well enough finished at the price point, shave tomorrow.

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    Man, I really really want one of those razors. I've looked at a bunch of the new razors and since I'm using antiques all the time, there are a lot to choose from in the new line. I've almost narrowed it down to this Russian beauty, the Rockwell 6s and Edwin Jagger 3one6. Decisions decisions decisions. What a time to be alive and shaving!!!!!
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    Tried out the .90 OC plate on the START razor and just to see how it compared to another modern OC, I put it up against the RR GC JAWS for tonight’s shave. I’ll cut to the chase and just say it like I felt it in the shave. The RR JAWS .84 has an ever so slightly edge in blade feel and even smaller edge in efficiency compared to the START .90 OC. And I think and think is the key word here, the JAWS razor has that positive blade exposure over the START which I believe has neutral blade exposure. The wider spacing in the teeth of the JAWS might contribute to those two aspects. That being said, without any reserve,biased prejudice or doubt, the START is clear and above the smoother shaver of the two while just ever so slightly lagging behind in efficiency and blade feel which some would consider a plus.


    How was the shave? Excellent to be honest between these two competing razor makers that bring excellent value and performance to the wet shave theatre. The shave was a 3 pass affair with the RR JAWS .84 on the left and the START .90 on the right. On the first pass (WTG) to my surprise, both razors knocked down nearly a full days growth with ease and similar face feel on both sides once the first pass was complete. The START as I said before doesn’t have the blade feel and assertiveness of the JAWS but, it still cut through the whiskers with a smooth light blade feel and I liked it. Went for a face rinse and lathered up for pass #2 which is south to north (ATG) from the bottom of my neck to the burns. The RR JAWS showed it’s pedigree in this pass with an effortless pass that had me at a BBS on the left cheek and very close to it on the neck. The START though wasn’t outclassed by any stretch. Equal to the JAWS with a BBS feel on the right cheek and just a couple extra strokes on the neck to match the JAWS work on the opposite side. I really could have stopped there and been a happy shaver but, decided to chase the newborn since little was needed to get there. Pass #3 was just about touch ups around the neck, jawline and Sir Adam. The JAWS cleaned up its area nicely as did the START with perhaps an extra stroke or two to be certain. I used the START to clean up the toughest spot on my neck which is both sides of Sir Adam. The START was better equipped with its smoother feel to really get in there and eliminate the few stragglers that were trying to hang on. Brilliant clean up, just brilliant. Rinsed and did a complete face feel and both sides were just identical in finish. No irritation, nics, cuts or weepers from neither of the combatants and the alum pass just confirmed to me that it wasn’t really needed. Fantastic shave, period.

    So, which of the two did I prefer for shave quality and feel? Ironically, both. I love blade feel in a razor as I’ve grown accustomed to it over the couple of years I’ve been wet shaving with safety razors. But, I enjoy a smooth cutting razor that allows me to be a bit more relaxed at times and allows me to work into those tough spots without worrying if I’ll draw blood or not. I think the JAWS gets it though just by the slimmest of margins for me. I might have to get in a shave or two more to be more definitive. First, I’ll put the START .90 OC up against the regular RR GC .84 as I think that would be a better comparison.

    To be continued.....
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    First shave here with the .90 OC. Very effective in its sweet spot which despite the .90 gap does not feel that big. A close shave (BIC) but I'm not sure I like the lack of blade feel as it makes finding the sweet spot that much trickier. Certainly is smooth and capably efficient. [​IMG]

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    Well, another shave that was both smooth and efficient. Just like last nights shave, it was the HomelikeShaving START and this time, the RR GC .84 OC. And honestly, these two went at it Mano a Mano. Before I get into the shave, I just wanted to mention that all these shaves have been with Gillette Platinum blades with equal use of shaves among them. The GP’s have been absolutely outstanding in sharpness, smoothness and longevity. Just a real good performing blade that has me pleasantly surprised. Ok, unto the shave.......


    For those that read my previous post on the shave between the JAWS vs the START, I gave the edge just barely to the JAWS not because it was more efficient or smoother but, rather I attained a BBS finish with lesser strokes as compared to the START OC. Wasn’t by much but, I do take that into account as less work leads in theory to potentially less chance of irritation. That being said, I buffed and cleaned up with the START around my more difficult areas and never felt any of the irritation gremlins pop up around those spots. Not that the START is mild, it’s just very, very smooth with the minimal blade feel that still exhibits great cutting action. Smooth Operator is an understatement for the START .90 OC.

    Tonight’s shave was another 3 pass assignment between these two and it was a very close battle between the two. Each razor took a half, START on the Left, RR GC on the Right and started WTG. Right from the get go again, the START is just the smoother performer here. The teeth on the OC are just more rounded and better finished giving a much better face feel over the RR GC OC. Not as big a difference from the JAWS the night before but, still quite noticeable. I played a bit with the angle to make sure I was at the optimum cutting angle and just let it drop with the lightest of pressure. Pure, smooth strokes right on down to the bottom of the neck taking down quite a bit of whiskers. The sound is a bit muted but, trust me, it’s doing its thing and doing it well. Moved over the left and the RR GC and felt it right from the first stroke the noticeably audible effect of the razor cutting through the whiskers with a nice but subtle blade feel. Nothing like with the JAWS but, certainly there and perhaps just a tiny bit more feel over the START, barely. The RR GC did its work though not as smooth in face feel and the first pass was complete. A quick cold water rinse and face feel. Practically identical in feel on what was removed and what was left to get done. Lathered up and went for pass #2.

    ATG, south to north from the bottom of the neck to the burns. Grabbed the RR GC first and proceeded with smooth short stokes and cleared the neck from the throat to the jawline and ear. Noticed the tinniest of weepers near Sir Adam and a quick finger and soap dab took care of it. Continued up to the cheeks, chin, corner of the mouth and right up to the burns. A nice whisker reducing pass, BBS on the cheeks and very light stragglers in the neck area after a quick feel. Noticed another small weeper at the corner of my mouth, hit it with water, gone. Besides the two weepers, a real nice pass. Grabbed the START and did the same on the left side. Good Lord, is this thing smooth! Cleared out the neck area up to the jawline and ears and did a quick touch around Sir Adam’s left side. Went to the cheeks, chin , corner of the mouth and finished at the burns. That was like ice running over your skin. Even better was that not did I have a BBS finish on the cheeks but, my neck and throat area on the left side were there too. I must have got the angle precisely as it mowed through everything plus the quick clean up around Sir Adam’s left. That was impressive Ladies & Gents. I have to use a little more care with both GC’s to achieve the finish that the START completed around my throat. Might not mean much to some but, to me that’s THE TOUGHEST spot for me to clean out properly without getting into any mishaps or struggles. Mental note made here Guys. Did a complete cold water rinse and I was practically there. Some touch up work/buffing at the bend of the chin and on the right side of Sir Adam and neck. Lathered up the neck area on the right as the left side was set and slopped some suds on the chin. Grabbed the RR GC to do the clean up around the neck and throat and pretty much got most of it but, it took a little bit of work and I still felt a couple of stragglers that I couldn’t catch somehow. Decided to use the START to try and finish off what the RR GC started. That was the ticket. Cleared it with ease with nothing left behind and continued to buff out the chin in 4-5 strokes. Done. I felt a bit of heat around the right side of Sir Adam and I knew that I had gotten a little over zealous using the RR GC in trying to clean that area out. The alum would tell the story later. Put the gear down and cold water rinse and face feel. Baby Buttocks feel was in full splendor. Fabulous feeling shave. Went on to the alum pass and just as I thought, nice exclamation point at Sir Adam with just a tiny bit of redness. Irritation and redness though was gone within 20-30 min once the Thayers Medicated & Pinaud got in the game. A great shave was had.

    So, these two went at it and it was a real good shave off. Both performed flawlessly with just about the same feel in effectiveness and efficiency. Just a tiny bit of blade feel for the RR GC over the START but, the START had it in smoothness and face feel. Plus, no weepers, nics or cuts to speak of on the START side while a couple of weepers and a little bit of irritation on the RR GC half. And perhaps I should take some of the blame for user error and zealousness for not using a bit more care in clearing out that specific area as I’ve been successful in many previous shaves with the RR GC. Thing is, I’ve still had to use a bit of care in performing those shaves whereas the START nearly completed it without me giving it a second thought. Same as the night before as the START proved to be easier to use in those more troublesome areas. That smoothness that it exhibits is a key factor in giving me a bit more confidence in knowing it’s going to get it done without provoking irritation or worse yet a nic or cut. Big plus for me anyway you slice it.

    The START gets the nod from me tonight. I also think that although the START is intuitive and an easy razor to get right, I believe it is a bit more angle dependent to get the most out of it during a shave and being as efficient as it can be. I think I maintained better positioning and found the START’s sweet spot throughout the shave. Did I mention that this is an uber smooth shaver? Because it is. Looking forward to seeing the JAWS again down the road and see if it can turn the tide. Might be a tall order as the JAWS is a very efficient feeling razor but, I think the START is a gamer.....

    Next up, the 1.18 SB........

    Real quick. I forgot to post a side profile of the START and RR GC side by side. Someone had asked me to take a quick pic of it. START on the left, RR GC on the right.... not huge but, definitely noticeable that the RR GC has the lower profile of the two.

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    As I stated in my previous shave, I was really looking forward to trying out the START with it’s largest gap base plate, the 1.18 SB version. Well, as an added bonus, a very kind and generous shave member contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out one of his coveted razors. A Charcoal Goods SS razor with both the Level 2 & Level 3 SB base plates and compare it with the START. I graciously accepted and I want to thank the Gentleman, CK89 for trusting me in using the CG for a comparison shave. Truly appreciate the kind gesture and is a true gentleman to deal with.

    The shave was actually yesterday evening but, I had to attend a family event and was very short on time. So, I’m writing this with my cup of Java this morning and I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. First, the CG razor is an impeccably machined and finished razor. The attention to the fine details on the handle is just exquisite. Truly a work of functional art that takes a back seat to no one. Astounding craftsmanship here that is eye candy in both form and function. After I wiped the drool oozing out of the corner of my mouth, I got ready for the shave.

    Both razors were equipped with the same blade that I’ve been using since I received the START. Yes, the wonderfully performing Gillette Platinums. I was debating which plate to start off with in the CG whether L2 or L3. I sent a few messages with the owner of the CG to get a number on gaps of the CG but, info on them is quite difficult to get concerning the sizes for each plate. He recommended the L3 since the START with its largest gap plate would probably be a fair shave off. I actually started with the L2 and I’m really glad I did that and I’ll explain later on. It was CG L2 SB vs START 1.18 SB. It’s on....


    The normal 3 pass shave affair was on the table and neither of these two disappointed. And the first thing I will tell you is this. From the first stroke, they are both excellent feeling razors with good blade feel and amazing cutting prowess. The CG L2 however, has a more direct feeling shave where I get just a bit more blade feel over the START 1.18. The shocker here is this, the START is actually smoother with just about almost as good a blade feel as the CG L2. It removed hair with as much efficiency as the CG but, it felt more comfortable to use. On the WTG pass they both knocked down 2 days growth with relative ease and comfort. On the 2nd ATG pass is where The START showed how smooth and yet efficient it is. I never felt as though it was ever going to bite or get fussy especially around Sir Adam, chin and jawline. I actually think that it offers a bit more of a window on adjusting cutting angle and blade feel over the .90 SB & .90 OC. I can’t reiterate on how smooth the START felt on my skin. The CG L2 is nearly there but, if felt a bit more blade forward and I had to pay a bit more attention during my passes with it. Not intimidating by any means or one needs zen like laser focus. It’s just a notch under the START in terms of smoothness and comfort. That being said, it’s a wonderful feeling razor that gets it done without a second thought. It’s a superb mid-aggressive feeling shaver that delivers on cue. Went onto my final pass which truly was just a buff and clean up pass. Cheeks and neck were identical in face smoothness and as I had done with the previous START shaves, I used it to clean up the tiny stragglers on Sir Adam. It just works amazingly well in that particular area for me. An astounding finisher that is easy on the skin yet deadly for remaining whiskers. A superb BBS once it was all said and done. A good cold water rinse and the alum pass proved fruitless as there was no sting to speak of nor any redness anywhere from top to bottom.

    Both razors are tremendous performers and I am a bit surprised at the final outcome between these two. I truly figured that the CG L2 would come out ahead just on its pedigree alone as being a smooth and efficient shaver and that it is, without question. It’s just that the START is actually smoother and just as efficient in removing whiskers. It’s actually quite surprising that the makers of the START razor got their razor to perform so well from the get go. That’s saying something in this day and age.

    Superb shave from both but, the START was my pic for last nights shave. Smooth, efficient and so comfortable to shave and handle. And truthfully I need to put some more time in with the CG and get a better feel for its attributes and what it brings to the table. I’ll get some more shaves in with the L2. Next up is the L3 plate and that is going to be a challenge as I know that is up there near Ikon Tech territory. Could be a tall order for the START but, we’ll see...
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  15. brit

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    awesome shave,pic and review Gus..fantastic looking razors..
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    Got in an early morning shave today as I took off from work to accompany the Misses on a couple of errands plus get a few things at Home Depot for the home. Anyways, since it was bright and early I went with the same START with the 1.18 plate vs the CG L3 plate for this shave. Put in 2 fresh GP’s, grabbed the soap for the shave after a nice shower and went to work.


    Long story short, the CG L3 is a Samurai that sticks to the code of BUSHIDO in every stroke. “LIFE IN EVERY BREATH” is what came to mind as I put the razor to my face and neck on every whisker decapitating stroke. I mean that in a good way. This thing lays whiskers out like the 47 Ronin did to their enemies to avenge their Masters death and restore their honor. Yet, Like fine Japanese Steel it did it with superb efficiency and surprisingly decent smoothness. A couple notches below the START 1.18 but, still very good on the skin. Requires a good touch and sound technique because one errant pass and you’ve got some weepers, nics or blood from cuts to worry about. With solid care, it’s a precision instrument that won’t ever fail in removing the whiskers and leaving ones mug as if chiseled out of pure granite. That being said, the START 1.18 gave me the exact same result on it’s side with a much smoother feeling shave that never left me to think I have to be careful here or there. The efficiency of the cut is ratcheted up on the CG L3 exponentially over the START and I achieved a complete BBS shave on the CG side in 2 glorious passes whilst the START needed 3 complete passes to get me there as well. Again, just to be fair here, I still used the START to clean up around Sir Adam’s area as it does it better than any razor I’ve tried to date. I could have most certainly done it with the CG but, why take a chance when you have something that can practically eliminate the “if I make a mistake here, it won’t be good” factor to nearly zero? It’s a no-brainer in my shaving book.

    I can say with no doubt and certain impunity that the START razor in whatever base configuration is perhaps one of the easiest, most comfortable yet efficient feeling razor that I have come to experience in quite some time. The fit and tolerances are impeccable with a precision that is only matched by higher end razor artisan manufacturers (which also includes RR’s Gamechanger which is just astounding on how they can deliver a quality product for such a low price). I agree with Shavemd as it is not as nearly nicely finished as those artisan producers. Still, it’s a hell of a razor that delivers consistently great & comfortable shaves. In the end that’s what it’s all about Gents. Every shaver or should I say the far greater majority of shavers wants a great and comfortable shave in their daily regime.

    Look at it this way. The complete kit was a total investment of $165 including shipping to the States. I ordered and received a complete razor kit with 4 differing base plates in 3 gap sizes, top cap and handle packaged in a very classy box with very good attention to packaging detail and care. To my surprise (a good surprise mind you) it delivered above and beyond my expectations. The company and owner is a pleasure to deal with and is willing to go the extra mile to get things right for the consumer. In baseball terms, they just didn’t hit a home-run, it was a Grand Salami (Slam) that cleared the bases. On their first go they stepped up to the plate and delivered. I’m not telling you gents to drop your razors during mid-shave and get yours now though, I’m pretty sure Homelikeshaving wouldn’t mind the ra-ra on my end to help sales, the proof is in the pudding. Look at all the reviews on this and other forums especially the YouTube reviews have been very, very positive across the board. We can’t be all in cahoots to promote this particular product. It just works, period.

    In the end, would I tell you or others to go buy one? No. What I can say and tell you is that I would recommend it in a nano-second over any other razor that I have used or experienced, US made or not. Great price, great razor, enough said......

    Happy Shaves Gents! ;)
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    I’ve been lucky enough to have been loaned this razor and used it for a week before I needed to return it.

    During this time I managed to test out all of the baseplates and compare them to other razors in my collection.

    I loaded a new Voskhod blade with the razor on each occasion I used it as I find these blades tend to give me consistently good shaves.

    Here are my conclusions:

    1). The Handle

    I didn’t get on with the handle at all. It felt very slippery in use and I quickly swapped it out for a Tradere handle.

    2). 0.69 Baseplate

    This is definitely a mild plate and is very much on a par with a Karve A plate and a Rockwell 6S #2 plate. It is milder (but noticeably smoother) than an ATT M1 plate and, whilst it is not as smooth as the Karve, it is smoother than the Rockwell (which has some noticeable drag). It feels milder than a Feather AS-D2 and is very much in the Wilkinson Sword Sticky realm of mildness.

    3). 0.90 Baseplate

    I struggled more than I thought I would with this plate. I’d rate it as being equivalent to a Karve D plate (with very similar face feel) and somewhere between a Rockwell #3 and #4 plate in terms of both smoothness and efficiency. It is more efficient than an ATT R1 but, for me, the R1 shaves better. I also found it to be more efficient, but slightly less smooth, than the GC 0.84 plate.

    4). 1.18 Baseplate

    This has been the biggest surprise for me and has turned out to be the jewel in the crown. I would liken this baseplate in terms of both smoothness and efficiency to a Timeless 0.95. It’s smoother and more efficient than the 0.90 baseplate and out of the SB plates this is definitely the one I found worked best for me.

    5). 0.90 OC Baseplate

    This plate felt as smooth as the GC 0.84 OC and was noticeably more efficient. It was also smoother than the ATT M2 (however, I found the M2 to be a tad more efficient). I would rate it’s efficiency as being similar to the GC 0.84 Jaws but with significantly less blade feel.


    This is a great razor which is available at a very reasonable price.

    I found that I got on with the 0.90 OC and 1.18 baseplates the best and this was something I did not anticipate as I tend to prefer milder razors.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this razor and enjoyed using it immensely.

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  18. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    That's a very good assessment and a well written report. Though I've had no issues with the handle in terms of grip, length or balance, I can see where someone might have concerns with it.

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  19. ajc347

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    Thanks mate.

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  20. brit

    brit in a box

    glad you are enjoying your modern razor adventure..:)..
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