Homemade Free-Style Brush Handles

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    In the past, I have seen free-style brush handles using Briar Burl wood. I was able to source some of this wood from a gentleman in Istanbul Turkey. I wanted to get this type of wood because of the rough outer "bark". I know of an overseas vendor who uses what looks to be a small drill bit to give the handle a rustic look. He then used what appears to be a black dye on the drilled portion. I ordered one and most of the dye came off with the first shave. I was afraid the knot was ruined but the dye washed out after a few uses.

    With this said, I wanted this type of Briar Burl wood. In this manner I will not have to use a stain or dye or drilling to get the rough outer portion to the desired effect.

    These are four handles on which I am working. I believe wood of this nature lends itself to free-style handles because the shape can be made to highlight the Briar Burl wood. The second from the left is natural while the 3 others have one coat of Watco Danish Finish. I have some Renaissance micro-crystalline wax and some bee's wax. This has been fun make the different styles in order to highlight the handle.

    Thanks for looking.

    Handlesa.jpg Handlesb.jpg Handlesd.jpg
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    Interesting handles. Very artistic.

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    Very nice work, Ed. I really like what you did there. Very creative.

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