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  1. DDuckyMark

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    I'm sure you have seen my problems lapping my Arkansas stone. I've almost given up on it and I'm trying to set the bevel on 2 razors. One is an unknown 1/4 hollow with no markings or tang stamp. The other is a French faux frameback. So far I have tried 2 seperate days to set a good bevel and I have failed both times. The unknown razor will pop hair but I feel like the edge doesn't look as good at the tip and heel and the french razor will only pop hair for the 2/3s at the tip. The edge has a bit of a smile and with the spine on the hone the last 1/2 inch of blade at the heel doesn't touch the hone.

    I use a single layer of tape on the spine and I'm using a King 1k/6k. If I can get my Arkie lapped I'll try using that to finish it past 6k. I know its not ideal but its what I have.

    Any tips to help with consistency at the tips and getting that heel end of the french razor?

    I'll take pictures of the razors after I find my phone. Its the only thing I have with a decent camera.
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  2. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    I seemed to have fixed myself by rewatching some youtube videos from Glen and Lynn. I increased the angle I had the blade laid on the hone and added some swoop to the end of each X-stroke. When I say that I increased angle I want to clarify that the spine stayed on the hone and the angle of the razor relative to the side edge of the hone is what I increased. I have an edge honed very nice and even up to a 6k now and the bevel is even and set well on the french razor as well. In a month or 2 when I finally get the Arkie lapped smooth I'll finish these razors and test shave.

    I'll likely have the arkie lapped before then it just feels like it'll take that long.
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    Yeppers by adjusting the Heel forward angle of the stroke you can really find the right "Honing Gymnastics" to hit the whole edge..

    We call it a 45° heel forward stroke, but really you can adjust that angle higher or lower to match the razor..
    That Swoop at the end can also be adjusted as needed..

    Watch the Ripple of water in front of the edge, keep that ripple either being pushed ahead or being undercut and riding up on the edge (Higher Grit) and you will do fine..

    Hone On
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    Glen, could I assume this would work with knives, as well? Been trying my hand sharpening my pocket knives on a stone, just like my Grampy did.
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    You know Steve I am only a Passable Knife guy, So I would hesitate to answer..

    Mine are sharp enough to slice a Tomato and skin a Elk I am good to go :p
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  6. DDuckyMark

    DDuckyMark Ducky Duck and the Hiding Bunch

    The French razor is much harder steel. I can see the unknown razor cutting because of the black on the hones after a few strokes. The French razor doesn't show any of that unto I've been on the hone for 15 min or so. Do King hones tend to be slow cutters?
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    This is not unusual and I see it a lot. The root of the problem, I feel, is the sides of the spine not being parallel. Hold the spine of the razor on a machinist's straight edge and hold up to the light. You'll see where the spine contacts the straight edge. The bevel will track the high spots which may be in the middle, at the ends, on both sides or on one side, etc. Each razor is different and some are worse than others. I don't know what grade Arkansas stones you use but I've given up on Arkansas stones altogther and I was raised on them by my father.
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