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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Scorpio, May 4, 2007.

  1. Scorpio

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    I have been honing my razors for a while now with great results. I even honed a couple for a good friend. BUT I have some trouble when it comes to wedges and razors made with Stainless Steel.

    I can get the wedges to shave but not as smooth as I can get other non wedges. Is there a trick to get them shave sharp?

    My other question relates to a little 3/8 SS Dovo Inox I am working on for my buddy. I'm somewhat afraid to use the same pressure as I use on other razors as it seems to me the blade is fragile. Does that makes sense? But I know that the razor being a SS blade I need to use a little more pressure to get the desired results. Do I apply the same pressure as I would normally use? The blade currently shaves but it pulls so should I keep putting laps on the 8k and 12k and add more pressure to get it shave ready sharp?

    maybe I just answered my own question....

  2. Scorpio

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    Well, I went back to the 8k with the Dovo. This time I added a little more pressure, the same amount I would use for a larger SS blade let's say a 5/8. I spent about 15 minutes and then tested the edge. Eureka!!! nice sharp and ready for the 12k. I spent another 15 minutes on the 12k. The last few minutes I reduced the pressure on the blade, same as before. I started feeling drag after a couple of minutes I again tested the blade...boy it was very sharp. I stroped for about 60 laps front and back. The blade is now very sharp and smooth. Took the hairs off my arm like hot knife to butter.

    The Wedge, well, I went back and did a little more research. I learned of some techniques that seemed very logical. So I went back to the 12k tp apply the newly acquired knowledge. I spent about 15 minutes doing laps with the blade at a 45 degree angle. Laying the blade flat on the stone perpendicular the to the length of the stone, then rotate the blade at a 45 degree angle from perpendicular leading with the heel of the blade. I began doing X laps for about 15 minutes. I must say I am impressed at how sharp it turned out. It pays to study a little. It's great to learm something new.

    I feel silly now that I answered my own question

  3. Which stones do you use? Some, such as King, cut very slowly, while others, such as Shapton, cut very quickly.
  4. Bill

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    For the wedge. If it's a true wedge, or close to it, use two pieces of electrical tape on the spine. Run it down the center and fold to each side of the spine. When it's sharp enough after following an 8K or 12K stone to pop some arm hairs, take off the tape and strop like you normally would.

    If it is a semi-wedge or possibly a 1/4 hollow, just use one piece of tape. Either of these methods are only necessary if it looks like the honing abrasion is invading too much of the spine or too much of the cutting edge.

    Also use the 45 degree angle thing that was mentioned. That also works good.
  5. xChris

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    Don't -- I get to learn from it. :D
  6. Scorpio

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    Bill, Jay, Chris

    Thanks for responing. I guess I omitted to mention the stones I am using. I work with a Norton 4k/8k, chinese 12k and a HandAmerican 2 sided latigo leather strop. I also use a Nagura stone to clean the Norton and raise a little slurry on the 8k side and the 12k stone. I will start using .05 micron paste today as I received a tube yesterday. I am looking forward to trying this paste to evaluate the results.

    I use one piece of tape on the wedge but I see the reason for 2 pieces. Again, thanks guys.


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