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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Michael_W, Jan 14, 2022.

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    I've spent the last year and a half gradually building up my camping and bushcraft gear so I can finally get properly outdoors and enjoy what remains of Mother Nature before it all burns away. I've got a good backpacking popup tent from Teton Sports for warm weather, but I want to do camping in frigid temperatures as well. The problem is that the better hot tents and stoves are all in the hundreds of dollars, some even in the thousands, and I want something long-lasting yet affordable. Any suggestions?


    I'm super interested in the Russian Bear U5 hot tent and the large stove from the same company, but those are crazy expensive and often sold out. I have a YouTube Channel I'm looking to expand content for (currently limited to entertainment news and reviews of TV shows and movies), and could definitely use some sponsors. Any ideas or suggestions for getting said sponsors or companies to send me stuff for review purposes are appreciated.
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    You have 4 options.
    Become a famous outdoorsman. (Outdoorsperson? Outdoorsit? No clue what social justice warriors are calling those people right now).
    Become popular on social media.
    Do *positive* product reviews on social media.

    There's a fifth option too. Help a company design a product. It's a pretty surefire way to get a free product sample.
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    I actually do have some product designs in mind for what I want to see in hot tents and stoves. I've seen videos by outdoorswomen that make me think they're better equipped to handle an apocalypse than a lot of guys I know, ha ha! I have done some positive reviews of safety razors on my channel. I may decide to step it up in that department.
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    Just ordered a Winnerwell Woodlander Double-View Large Stove off the company web site (I try to avoid buying from Amazon if I can help it). For the price and features, it seemed the more affordable investment. So now looking for an affordable hot tent that won't break my bank account.
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    Are you planning on going "Off the Grid"??
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    Not necessarily, but I do enjoy camping and want to be able to do it any time of year.

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