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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by donald, Jan 5, 2019.

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    thats the stuff..
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    Heat is a catalyst. Cold water does exactly what hot water does, just takes a little longer. It's mentioned in the abstract for this study:
    Unfortunately the full article is for paying nembers only ($150/year.)
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    Yup. Very hot we also has negative impacts on skin , hydration is only part of the story.
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    I'll use a hot towel every now and then just for the luxury feel. I don't think it adds to a post-shower shave at all. I also don't care for pre-shave oils. It inevitably gets on my razor handle and does more harm than good. A tub of good soap and a sharp blade are the important factors.
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    I use the hot towel treatment when I use my straight razor. I do it to open the pores and it gives my a nice relaxed feeling before my shave. I use a preshave cream and then face lather on top and that loosens my stubble to be able to get a nice, comfortable, close shave.
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    Concentrate on trying things in order to find what works for you. Don't pay attention to the reasons given for why something is supposed to work, these reasons are not always correct. Shave prep is more than just doing something that affects your facial hair, your skin is involved also. In the past I found that a hot towel was very effective, hot tap water was sufficient, I would wet a washcloth and hold it against my face for a few minutes. I rarely do it now, I don't feel the extra effort is necessary for me. Another thing I found very effective was raw shea butter. This can be rubbed into your skin post shave and at night. I suspect that it helps keep your skin moisturized but there might be other reasons why it helps.
    Another possibility would be witch hazel as a pre-shave, a tightening of the skin may help hairs stand a little. Not sure if this actually works.

    Look for threads on pre-shave routines to get more ideas. There's a lot of variation so it's all about what actually works for you.
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    on hot days i like a cold water shave ,on cold days i sometimes use a hot face cloth on top of lather or preshave cream.. or not.. all about the pleasure of it..a basic shave can be a clean face, adequate soap and a properly working razor, a consistent technique is the most important factor..and with products your skin agrees with..
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