How did I do for $30?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Jim O, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. ShaversRUs

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    Spanky just heard that his number came up on the waiting list for a Wolfman.
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    You did quite well for yourself. The user grade Aristocrat is worth more than you paid for the whole lot. That doesn't take into account the Slim adjustable, which looks to be in very nice condition, or the Tech.

    I would go so far as to say you dipped down into "bargain" range with this score. Especially since all three of those razors are some of the better ones Gillette produced over the years.
  3. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI:

    There are currently 6,800+ listings for (Gillette, Gilete,Gilette, Gillete) in "collectibles/vanity,perfume, and shaving/shaving/safety razors" in North America alone. That being said, one of the first results in a search is a listing for "MACH3" knock-off carts.

    There are 4,700+ sold listings -- not sure how far back they go, but usually no more than 90 days.

    The point: patience and/or luck. We all have at least one razor for tomorrow morning's shave. Unless you want a "rare" vintage razor, wait it out.

    What's most surprising about Jim O's haul is that "Aristocrat" was in the title. It must have been listed for a very short time. The bay used to have those details readily available a long time ago, but unless it's buried somewhere, I don't think you can see a listing date/time anymore.
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  4. Bax

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    You didn't buy those razors... you STOLE them!
    Great score!
    - Bax
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  5. ShaversRUs

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    I just noticed that the listing says "best offer accepted". Interesting. I had assumed it was a buy-it-now.

    The seller sells a lot of "stuff". Probably didn't do any research. Probably happy as a clam that he/she sold it, though. Ignorance is bliss.

    Many seller don't do research, but over-price. Some wisen up. Others let the listing renew over and over again for years. It wasn't that way when there was a listing fee, with only one free re-listing. I'm not sure which is better. Happens with all my hobbies where I check eBay daily.
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  6. Jim O

    Jim O Well-Known Member

    It was 7 pages deep. I wasn't even looking for anything in particular, certainly not an Aristocrat. There was a Best Offer option, so I probably could have offered even less! But after doing a quick search for Aristocrat prices, I jumped on it. Both the Aristocrat and Slim are very clean. The Tech is missing some plating. They arrived today. I'll give the Aristocrat a go tomorrow
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  7. WhyAreYouMe

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    I must add that the seller didn't fair well in this deal, but hey I've surely overpayed as well.
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  8. ShaversRUs

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    Oh, so you did do a BIN. Better than risking someone else getting it first.

    It had been about a year since I checked eBay daily for vintage razors, but I set up a search last week. Now I check it a few times a day. Like you, I'm not really looking for anything in particular, since the vintage Gillettes I don't have go for way too much. (Non U.S. issues.) I do need some of the New variations, though, like the Goodwill, New Deluxe and New Improved.

    It really is hard to do a more specific search and get a decent deal. Plus, most sellers don't know a tech from a TTO. Really, they don't, as everyday I see them mis-identified. BTW, did you know the Tech is an adjustable? lol. Fat-handled Techs are being sold as Fatboys, too.

    With so many listings, I just check a few times a day when new listings are made, since on the phone app version of eBay, it shows you how many new listings are avail in your search. It is much easier than pouring through 6,800+ listings. The good stuff for decent prices are probably already sold (like yours), so I figure just pouncing on the new listings is the way to go -- like you did. But, really, I'm not in the market right now for another vintage razor. ;) Had I seen that listing you got, however, I might have grabbed it to flip.
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  9. Jim O

    Jim O Well-Known Member

    No, it was not a BIN. It was an auction with a starting reserve of $30. It also had a "Best Offer" option. They bit at $30
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  10. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Wow, even more amazing. The seller just wanted to move it on as quickly as possible, I guess.
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  11. Jim O

    Jim O Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I thought it was odd.
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  12. Michael_W

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    Nice haul!
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  13. ShaversRUs

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