How soon do you have to hone a shave ready Dovo?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by ztirf1953, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I'm a new straight shaver. I love it! I'm still having some problems with my blade skipping. I'm thinking that is more due to the fact that my technique is not that good.

    However, I have read that with a Dovo 5/8 (my new razor) you might have to hone after 5/6 shaves?

    Is this true? I've read other places that say you don't have to hone except every few months and others say you only have to do it once a year.

    This confusion of information is my biggest struggle with straight shaving.

    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. Hanzo

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    Let me say I am no straight razor expert. I have two Dovos and liked the way they shaved, though I seldom use them now using DE's more often than not. I believed that honing was a 2 times a year thing. From what I read shavers simply refreshed their blade in between honings. Many seem to prefer the old time barber hones. I used chromium oxide . Its a sharpening paste you apply to a strop and it really seemed to sharpen the edge of my Dovo after using it I would just strop the razor as usual and shave.
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    Foggy brain thoughts here, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but........

    Are you sure it's shave ready? I believe Dovos are sold "shave ready" but aren't necessarily. Depends on where or whom you buy it from.

    The answer to your main question depends on the individual, I believe. You have stropping technique, coarseness of hair, frequency of usage, and whatever other variables to take into account to know when to have a razor honed.
  4. swarden43

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  5. ztirf1953

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    I bought the Dovo from straight razor design so it was professionally honed by straight razor!
  6. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    So now you're left with the answer, "It depends on the individual. Stropping technique, courseness of hair... and other variables..."
  7. Kyle

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    I bought my Dovo, and Jarrod at the superior shave honed it for me, and I've had no problems, the first two shaves were TOO sharp, but then it settled in since then, I just bought a coticule because it needs to be touched up a little now... but that's after a year of use. Granted I haven't used it everyday ;)

    IMHO, All the information available out there is everyone's own personal opinion, and that's all that shaving comes down to really. No two shavers are exactly the same, nor do they like exactly the same thing, ya know? Granted there are really helpful videos here, and on youtube to make sure your stropping right, have an agreeable pre shave routine (if you want to call it that)... Like everyone says, trying to find what works for you is half the fun!

    Back on subject... I've never had a razor "skip" on my face, if you mean skip like I think you may, it's not cutting some hairs on passes, I would say it's not sharp enough, and needs to probably be re honed.

    Best of luck to you,
  8. LRD_III

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    Razors will vary plus how you shave has an effect. Two razors in rotation need only be honed 2-3 times/years tops if you know what you are doing. Barber hones and other finishing stones can often keep a straight razor sharp indefinitely. I have never found a razor too sharp. Such a thing does not exist in my mind, however, the shave may feel al little smoother as your face adjusts to the blade and repeat stropping. I you plan to do this long term, learn to hone because paying the do-good honers $40/year per razor can really add up. As far as pastes go, many argue that repeated paste use damages the edge faster requiring honing more often. I am not a huge user of pastes, but I have been doing this a while and have plenty of stones to refresh my edge with.
  9. Kyle

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    Let me reiterate my last post, I think I clicked on the wrong topic, or something, I apologize about that. :ashamed001 Pretty embarrassing!
    "They" say the only time to really re-hone your razor is when even "refreshing" your straight with a paste, and strop, is no longer getting the edge sharp enough to shave comfortably with. (I have not heard about the 5-6 shave, Dovo re-hone) Listen to what your face is telling you. There are lots of different pastes and stones, and what have you out there, I would recommend you email the company you're going through to get your stuff, and tell them about your situation, and ask them what they recommend, and even how to do it if need be!

    -What works for me-
    I have maintained my Dovo "Best Quality" with a Dovo cowhide strop, with linen back. I coated the leather side with Dovo's yellow paste, and I coated the linen side with Dovo's white paste. That has been all I have needed until recently, so like I said in my other post, I bought a coticule. I spent about 15-20 minutes doing laps on it, to refresh my edge, it's not as sharp as when I first got it, but it is far better than before. First time honing!

    Best of luck,

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