Tutorial How to grow, maintain, and wax your handlebar 'stache

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by swarden43, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Here is a pic to document monthly progress.
    In younger years my hairline began to recede before I had the courage to try a pony tail. I tried the big bushy beard before it was cool, but the unkempt wild look was not appealing to me. (This was before the popularity and ready availability of beard oils, butters, and YouToob). The relaxing of mask mandates calls for a return to the epic stache.

    Truth be told, I cut the stache down a few months ago due to a slip of the razor taking too much off while trimming the top. For now, anything above the lip and between the cheek creases is a no blade zone.
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    WOW! Flashback to my AF days!
    And that 'stache is outta regs - can't extend beyond the corners of the mouth :p
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    You lifers are all alike. :rofl:
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