How to identify Gillette 3 piece razors

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    This topic has come back up again, so here is a quick run down on how to identify what type of Gillette 3 piece razor you are looking at. Now, in some cases, all I am providing is what we give as a general model name. The actual name of the razor when sold often depended on what box it was in. For example, the same New Improved razor could have been called a New Improved, a New Standard, a Bostonian, a Richwood, etc... The only difference was the box it was sold in and sometimes the finish.

    1a. Does it have teeth? Go to 2
    b. No teeth = Tech

    2a. Is the blade held in place with cones that go from the cap through the base? Go to 3
    b. The blade is not held in place with cones going from cap through base... go to 6

    3a. The bottom plate of the head is curved to match the cap.. go to 4 (Old Styles)
    b. The bottom of the head is flat... New Improved

    4a. A spindle razor with two raised rings on the handle near the head ... Double Ring
    b. A spindle razor with only one raised ring on the handle near the head... Single Ring Old Style
    c. A 3 piece with a handle that comes completely off, teeth, pins, and a curved base... Old Style (older models have a thinner base than the newer models)

    5. The pins go backwards from the base into the cap... Goodwill
    The blade is held in place with a raised bar under the cap that fits in a slot in the base... NEW

    3 Piece Gillete Razor timeline and some info to identify {links go to Mr. Razor website}:
    1904-1906 Double Ring Old Style & 1906-1929 Old Style (two cone shaped pins on either side of cap to hold blade in place)
    1921-1928 New Improved (many varieties and names - it all depends on the set and box it was sold in) (uses the cone system but the bottom guard is thicker and the bottom is flat)
    1929-1941 NEW (long slot to hold blade in place)
    1931-1935 Good Will (reverse style pins/studs - many different styles)
    1939-1973 Tech (safety bar - no open comb teeth)
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    Etoyoc, Thanks as usual for a succinct and direct ID template. When I go to the website I have to click around to find what I am looking for and not alwayhs successful esp. when I cannot get out of the German language or into the right Model or year. Love the pictures though. Thanks E:happy096
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    Where was this when I started learning about old Gillette's! ;)


    Well Done!

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    1930 Regent German The New Gillette

    Good morning E: Here are some pictures of my The New Gillette 1930 Gold "Regent German Set" made in the USA. I assume that this was made for the German market and for some reason was barely used as the bottom blade base is like new and only a couple of spots on top with very little visible usage. Interesting because this was the period before WW II and we were still in the Depression.:thanks

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    And, the rest of the story...the silver one is a:


    Tech Set No32

    Made in England

    Actually the handle appears to be aluminum and the rest SS.
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    Excellent Post.

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    Very nice indeed
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    Thank you, etoyoc, for the great post. Most helpful!
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    This post is great! :happy096:
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    I hate to spoil the party, but the New Improved is not a three-piece razor. It's a two-piece razor.

    Seems like this could be a good way to identify them; if it's a two-piece razor, it leaves the algorithm.
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    I have a razor that looks like an Old Type, but has a rounded corner head and nowhere on it does it say Gillette (except the inside of the lined case). Mr. Razor doesn't show this type of case in his Old Type inventory, so I'm thinking this razor doesn't match the case. It can be seen at my Flickr site (the top right hand razor with a tuck of Star blades in it) here. I was hoping someone here might be able to tell me if it is even a Gillette. It appears to be silver plated and the handle doesn't seem to match Old Type handles. The head has the familiar thick cone shaped pins that match it to the base. My father-in-law found it in Oregon at an estate sale, so I don't have any other source info on it. Any help identifying it would be appreciated.

    I'm at work now, but can provide more photos once I get home if anyone desires to see further detail on the razor.
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