How to restore Ever-Ready 102?

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by rumpole, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. rumpole

    rumpole New Member

    Couldn't resist this handle (green) on the Ever-Ready 102 at the antique store and got a great deal. Could someone confirm that this is boar hair? Also, if I want to replace the knot what size knot would I be looking for and any recommendations for hair type, size and source. Any sites that provide specs for these old Ever-Ready brushes? I am primarily a face lather-er. I will DIY (or if it looks to difficult, will just display this brush).
  2. wchnu

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    Beautiful brush. Yes that is boar. After you get the old knot out you can measure for the knot size. Probably a 21ish at a guess. It would look fantastic with a Tuxedo knot from Maggards. Just my .02
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  3. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    It's a good looking brush. After removing the knot, measure the opening and the knot you would install would be about 1.5mm - 2mm smaller in diameter. Also, the opening can be enlarged if a larger knot is desired.
  4. Enrico

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    I concur with @wchnu on the material of the knot. Though I've done many Ever Ready's, they can be Easy peasy or the Beast from the east; it all depends on the materials they made them from. I would look over some youtube videos and give it a try. That said ... DON'T STEAM OUT THE KNOT! I've seen it destroy beautiful handles.

    If when you remove the knot you find that it's a 19mm; you can alway bore it out to 20 to 22mm easily.

    PM me if you need any help.
  5. Borderboss

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    I've reknotted several Ever-Ready handles but never a 102. From the look of it, you'll have enough material available to open up the opening in case you want a larger knot like a 24mm.

    Most of the Ever-Readys I've done have been hollow handles, so I've increased their weight by filling the handle with epoxy up to the level I want to set the knot, but also added a couple of 9mm bullets (just the bullets, not the cartridges!). It worked out well to give a good feel to the brush and made epoxying the knot easier as the depth was already set.
  6. Jayaruh

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    How is your project coming along? That is a nice looking handle. I hope you are successful in your restore whether you choose a boar or a synthetic knot.
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  7. rumpole

    rumpole New Member

    Dremeled out the boar knot and have a bit of room to expand. Will expand and replace with a Maggards B&W 22mm knot for face lathering. Ordering knot and epoxy.
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  8. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

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    That will be nice. Keep us posted.
  9. Sara-s

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